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The chase theme was used exclusively for the crossover mod Hello Bendy in Bendy and the Ink Machine. This is the same chase music used in Hello Neighbor (Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, and final versions), and it was used for replacing the track "Little Devil Darling" for the Neighbor, who replaced Ink Bendy in all three chapters. It is written by Nikita Kolesnikov from the game's company Dynamic Pixels.


Similar to the "Little Devil Darling" track, the chase music for the Neighbor sounds very intense and menacing, and intends to startle and/or frighten the player when the music starts playing. The track consists of discordant-sounding instruments such as the drums and trombone.


The music will play when the Neighbor is encountered from Chapter 1 and starts chasing after Henry upon noticing in Chapter 2 and 3.