The narrowed room is a location from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is located from the left far from the hallway that leads to between the Ink Machine room, the hallway from the projector room, and the break room.


It is a narrowed room containing a chair. From the right side, there is Wally Franks' first audio log on the top of the shelf from between two doors. From the left side, there is a single pipe connected from above.

From the end of the area are two duplicated "Little Devil Darling" posters printed on the wall.


This is the place where the "The Illusion of Living" book item can be located, where it is seen being placed upon the chair.

Two doors on each side of the recording tape can be opened. Opening the right door will reveal a closet containing a few cans of Bacon Soup. The left door will result in a Bendy cutout jumpscare, as it will only occur if Henry collects two or more out of six items.


  • From Chapter 1's both prototype and first remastered update, both two doors remain locked. Thus, no Bendy cutout or any cans of Bacon Soup are found.


Narrowed Room