The Music Department entrance is a location in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. The Searchers make their first encounter here.


The room consists of the logo for the Music Department with music notes and records (although one of the record's were missing). The room also consists of two radios from above, a Bendy cutout from the right side, and Sammy Lawrence's first audio log while he is still human.

From the right side, there is a small room containing Alice Angel's "Sent From Above" poster, a garbage can, and a board.

From up north of the left side where the entrance to the recording studio is located, there is a rectangular-shaped screen with the word "RECORDING" flashing that can only happen after finishing off the Searchers for the first time.


This room is after solving the puzzle of the gate. This room have connection to all the rooms: recording studio (north), projector booth (north), Sammy's office (west), utility shaft 9 (south), and stairs (south).

Later on when Henry tries to make his way to the exit after activating the pump switch from Sammy's office, Sammy himself shows up unexpectedly behind Henry and knocks him out with a dustpan before kidnapping him for a sacrifice.


  • In Hello Bendy for Bendy and the Ink Machine, the flashing words "RECORDING" are replaced with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN".
    • Furthermore, the Neighbor takes the role as Sammy as he can be seen there after draining the exit.


Music Department Hall


Description Audio
The sound produced once the gate has been lifted, this is the same sound used by the Searchers.
SFX Searchers Voiice Mouth Open 02
The music that plays after the first wave of Searchers are killed.
MUS Lobby Jazz
The sound made when the screen fades to black after Henry is knocked out by Sammy.
SFX HUD whoosh 01

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