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The mini workroom is a location from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The room resembles a hallway. From the left side upon entering the hallway after from the Ink Machine room, there is a chair next to the desk with a cartoon sketch of Bendy's head, and "The Dancing Demon" printed from the wall. From the right side, there is Bendy's cutout leaning on the wooden wall with two projection wheels.


It is connected to between the hallways leading to the narrowed room and the hall to the projector room from the left, and double pathways to the break room (right) and Boris' room (left) from the right. When Henry walks here for the first time, a wooden plank falls from the ceiling surprising him. When he enters and then exits the break room, the plank is replaced with a Bendy's cutout. This cutout dissapears later.


  • Before the Chapter 4 update, few random items could be found here:
    • Gear - Leaning against the fence next to Bendy's cutout.
    • Book - Laying on the left side of the desk and at the desk.
    • Record - On the floor next to the desk from the far right
  • From the prototype, there was a light from within the room behind the locked door. Attempting to open the door while searching for items to fix the Ink Machine suddenly causes the light to turn off.
    • From the remastered updates, however, the light from behind the locked door was removed.
  • From the location's remastered screenshot, there is Bendy's "expression" model sheet on the animation desk which was seen in music writing room of Chapter 2, using to replace Bendy's "NO" sketch for the first remastered edition. It was reverted in-game, however.
    • The inkwell is also seen in the screenshot where it was placed on the right side of the animation desk. This item was never randomly found from this location in-game.


Mini Workroom


Description Audio
The prototype sounds of wooden plank falling.
WoodCrashSmall OGG