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Questions & Answers
Q: Are you the founder of this Wiki?
A: Obviously yes.

Q: Can I be an admin, mod, or rollback?
A: Absolutely not. For now, we are not seeking for any staff promotions.

Q: Aren't there any rules I need to follow?
A: Good question. We already got the rules & guidelines page for the community and the Manual of Style for editing pages.

Q: Can you help my Wiki? What are customized codings I really want to insert? How can I promote users?
A: This site got many answers for you. Good luck.

Q: Is swearing allowed?
A: That's an obvious question, yes. As long as it's not excessively overused or for harassment usage.

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  • then why didn't you add the 4 mentioned cartoons from BINR in the cartoons page?

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    • If you haven't checked, there's an info in the trivia section of Chester's page:

      "At the ending of Chapter 5 where it takes place in Joey Drew's apartment, Chester is mentioned in the notepaper from the bulletin board, referred as "Spooky Chest"."

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I was getting bullied because I belived Sammy was alive! Was that wrong?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • so I actually found in the files that there were sound files of sammy grunting, and sound of him groaning. the grunting noises were for when he is swinging his axe, and the groaning noises were for when he is getting hit by Henry. if you could add them that would be much appreciated. i don't know how!

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    • Hello. It's obvious that these audio files in one of the decompiled folders are labelled as .wav files, but the Wiki only accept the .ogg files for sounds because uploading .wav files doesn't appear to work. To change from .wav to .ogg, I use to convert the audio files. You should try it out, and it's simple. Once finish converting and saved them, then you're ready to upload. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So, i was playing BATIM, on Chapter 3, i used the Seeing Tool on the left wall of the elevator shaft, and to my surprise, i found a message! Obviously, probably it wasent me that found first, since i heard a friend that found a message that is probably the one i found. The message is "Curse this elevator".

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    • Nice discovery. That message sounds like a reference to Thomas Connor's issue with the elevator's malfunction.

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    • Just Saying Please Tell ME Which Pic. Or Upload Go Deleted and tell me why if you don't a swear I will remember what it was for and never do it again.. till I forget

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    • BendyOnRobloxPlease wrote:
      Just Saying Please Tell ME Which Pic. Or Upload Go Deleted and tell me why if you don't a swear I will remember what it was for and never do it again.. till I forget

      The images you uploaded for your profile are both fanarts, and we forbid fanarts from uploading to the Wiki, as stated in the uploading rule section of our main policy. Any images not used for the personal articles can only go to the discussion portal though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You forgot about several messages in the game. I want to add them but you're not making it easy by protecting the page. I just want to add the rest of the messages. does that mean nothing to you?

    If you really can't be bothered to allow me to add it, at least let me send the messages to you so you can add them.

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    • I can add them for you, if you write them down somewhere (like in the comments on the article, or this thread, or maybe my message wall if ya want)

      Actually writing them in the comments won't be a good idea if they're gonna be super long, you can just write them here or something

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    • these are the messages you forgot to add:

      Missing Chapter 1 Message:

      "Joey Lied to Us." - Highlighted over top of "The Creator Lied to us"

      "Listening and Always Watching" - Just above the radio

      Missing Chapter 2 Messages:

      "Creator You Traitor" - On the floor in sammy's office near the radio

      Chapter 3 Messages:

      Additional drawings on the Bendy Clock in the starting area. this is meant to foreshadow the appearance of Beast Bendy

      "Who am I Now?" - On the Broken Mirror in the safehouse bathroom.

      "I'm Sorry Buddy" - On the floor near where Boris is sitting, prior to making bacon soup for him.

      "Reminds me of Home" - Highlighted on the painting on the right wall of the safehouse exit wall

      "Top of the Morning" - highlighted on the audio log in the toy workshop, in reference to Sean McLoughlin

      "His Dream. My Effort" - in the Demon Path room, on the wall, next to the bendy cutout

      "We're All his Playthings" - at the very back of the Toy Storage area, (where you harvest gearboxes), in between one of the shelves.

      "We Always Fall" - On the Floor, next to the Elevator on Level K

      "Susie" - Written on the coffin in the flooded Morgue on level 9

      "Did They Deserve This?" -in the Flooded Morgue on level 9, on the wall in between the Piper and Boris Clone corpses

      "Blah Blah Blah Blah" - on the Floor, in the chamber where Alice is torturing Piper(Probably why Henry didn't respond to her dialogue)

      "Be Kind to People You Meet on the Way up Because You're Going to Meet the Same People on the way Down" - at the bottom of the Staircase Spanning all the way up to Level K. note that each word is separated and placed in different parts of the staircase.

      "How Could one Resist This?" - Above the Radio in the Staircase

      "The Drinks were on Joey" - on the Wall to the right of the "Tasty Eats" machines in the break room looking area on level 11

      "Why am I Doing This?" - below one of the valve panels on level P

      "One Lump or Two?" - Written behind TheMeatly in the secret area where you find him on level 11

      Chapter 4 Messages:

      "He Can't Be Saved" - Written on the wall in the hallway leading to Grant Cohen's Office.

      "Beefy" - Written Behind TheMeatly in the secret area where you find him in chapter 4

      A Heart can be found on the Crate you see after you get off that pulley lift. this is a reference to the companion cube in the portal series

      "Exit?" -Written on a locked door near the staircase just after the illusionous hallway. go down the broken staircase and you can see it if you look to your left.

      "She's Toying with you" -Written on a "Sent From Above" poster

      "This is my Favorite Sofa" -written on the back of the sofa with the gramophone on it

      "Regrets, Joey?" - Written below that theater design in Bertrum's office

      a moustache can be found on the large cardboard bendy head in the storage area next to the power switches to the haunted house. this is a reference to Mark Fischbach.

      "Reliving the Past Does not Change it" - Written over the gear picture as you enter the door to the left of the shooting gallery

      "Please Don't Cry" -Written on the bottom of the cage holding the crying lost one

      "It Never Moves" -Written on the top of a crate next to the Bendy Animatronic

      "Dream to Big and You will fail" - Written on the wall to the left of where an empty bacon soup can can be found

      "Again and Again Around and Around" -Written on the wall as you enter attraction storage

      "Time Wounds all heels" -Written on the wall below the Buddy Boris Railway sign in attraction storage

      "That's the Joey I Knew" -Written on the wall to the right of Joey's Audio log in Maintenance

      a drawing of a door can be found on the wall where the inky trail ends, after the Projectionist is Killed

      "There's no Turning Back Now" -written on the wall below the text "Turn Back" in the haunted house attraction

      "Friends to the End" -Written on the north wall in the Ballroom between the 2 doorways above the Mini ink Maker. note that you can only use the seeing tool if brute Boris kills you.

      "Albert" -Written above the Painting of the Zombie wearing a shirt and necktie in the ballroom

      "Daisy" -Written below the painting of the woman holding a plate in the ballroom

      "Porter" - written below the painting of the man with a hole in his chest in the ballroom

      "Gwendolyn" -Written above the Painting of the woman with the squid on her head in the Ballroom

      Chapter 5 Messages:

      "She Will Leave you for dead" -Written on the north wall of the prison

      "It's inside the Vault!" -Written on the west wall in the cell

      "Let Me out of Here!" -Written on the north wall

      A mess of drawings can be seen on  the north wall. the writings "So Many Questions", "Trust Her", "Don't Go through the Door", "What Door?!" "Follow Me", "Escape", "I Know the Way", and "Ink Spoon" are visible

      A Drawing of a coffin can be seen on the Bunk in the cell

      "Take the Spoon" -Next to the Spoon opening the wall to the Bathroom

      "Look Inside" -Found above the toilet

      "You'll need this.." -Ditto

      "You Draw Beautifully" Found on the ground next to the drawings

      "Follow Me" -Found on the "little devil Darlin'" Poster

      "There's Something in the River" -on the ground, next to the barge

      "You Bring Death." -on one of the buildings in the lost Harbor. there's even a skull in place of the "O"

      "Once People, Now Fallen into Despair" -On the building where Sammy Comes out

      "It's Inside the Vault" -On the wall nest to the Entrance to the Admin lobby

      "Who is the Man Behind the Monster?" - Inside Joey's Office, above the door

      "The Demon Has Taken It." -Inside the Film Vault

      a Halo can be seen above allison's head if the seeing tool is focused on her

      provided you give boris the bone in chapter 3, a bone can be seen in Tom's mouth, if the seeing tool is focused on him

      Arrows can be found on the floor in the maze during the final boss

      "Open This Door!" - on the Floor next to the door(s) leading to the pumping room(the one with the tubes you need to trick bendy into breaking)

      an arrow can be found in the hallway of doors leading to the aforesaid pumping room

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    • Just wanted to let you know I added all the messages

      Should've told you an hour ago but I forgot

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • We can add Chapter ? to most articale, if it ok with you. (Happy (late) Birthday, btw)

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  • Just here to say happy birthday to you 🎁🎂🎈🎉

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    • Awww thank you! And Happy late Thanksgiving, since I kinda know that Thanksgiving starts on November 18th from South Korea where you lived while this holiday in my country USA just started today. :)

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    • You're welcome, and happy thanksgiving to you too :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • HappyBirthdayBendy

    Happy Birthday Lewis !

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  • Wasn’t Susie’s soul use to give “Alice” a soul.

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    • I  just thought about something, the ending of Chapter 4, doesn't matter sense if Allison is "Alice" and Allison Angel. When Allison Angel kills Alice.

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    • Not gonna continue this argument. ALL of these claims doesn't make this "Susie becomes Alice" thought an absolute fact, and the developers never states anywhere that Susie turns into Alice. Like I said, it DOES NOT coincide with the formatting of this Wiki. But IF there is any bigger evidence that Susie became Alice in the future medias for the Benst franchise, sure we'll finally add it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Wouls I still call Consept Bendy, Alpha Bendy and Beta Bendy's models "Bendy"s?

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