GJ-Lewis X

aka Guilford Lewis

Workshop owner The Creator
  • I live in somewhere around the Southern states of America
  • My occupation is Gaming plus sketching
  • I am Male

Welcome to my message wall! Leave a message to my wall if you have any help or questions! 

  • If you're a non-mod user, please don't answer questions from the messages as it consider invading. In my message wall, do not intrude the recent messages OR the older messages either.
  • If you found someone vandalizing on sight or harassing multiple users while I'm gone, please contact me or the other admins immediately.
  • If you feel butthurt enough to send something like a non-constructive criticism to my message wall just because I deleted your edit on articles, here are the reasons why I did so - Because these kind of edits are not in good-faith and clearly going against the manual of style; These types include speculations (infos not proven as absolute fact), redundancies, lowering the page's quality, etc.

Questions & Answers
Q: Are you the founder of this Wiki?
A: Obviously yes.

Q: Can I be an admin, mod, or rollback?
A: Absolutely not. For now, we are not seeking for any staff promotions.

Q: Aren't there any rules I need to follow?
A: Good question. We already got the rules & guidelines page for the community and the Manual of Style for editing pages.

Q: Can you help my Wiki? What are customized codings I really want to insert? How can I promote users?
A: This site got many answers for you. Good luck.

Q: Is swearing allowed?
A: That's an obvious question, yes. As long as it's not excessively overused or for harassment usage.

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