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Lonely Angel is the 12th soundtrack used in Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is performed by Lauren Synger.

It is an alternate version part of the "Lonely Angel / I'll Be Your Angel" song, heard in Chapter 5 as an Easter Egg.


Out of all soundtracks for the game, this track is nothing more than a hum including no instruments. It is performed by Physical Alice herself.


Physical Alice humming was heard briefly after the "Former Glory" track ends upon entering the Heavenly Toys room.

The humming was heard once again during the chapter's ending where Physical Alice from the hallway at the Accounting & Finance location approaching slowly to Boris before dragging him away with force.


  • The song was referred as "lobbyhumming" from its audio file name.
  • Physical Alice is heard humming "Lonely Angel" in both the production and reveal trailer for Chapter 4.
  • Starting from here towards the end of Chapter 3's reveal trailer, the song version of this track by Physical Alice was heard.
    • Although the song does not contain any actual lyrics as it was only a non-lexical vocable.