So I go to get my dust pan from the hall closet the other day and guess what? I can't find my stupid keys. It's like they disappeared into thin air or something.
— Wally talking about losing his keys, Chapter 2
The keys are the item that Henry must find in order to open the hall closet from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Wally Franks' voice from his second audio log near from the door leading to Sammy's office implies that the keys can be found in one of the garbage cans.


There are two identical keys attached to a keyring. Each has three notches, two that are thin and one that is thicker, with an added square. Overall, they are a light tan color.


The keys can be found in one of four garbage cans at Music Department hall as well as its entrance. They can be also found in the music writing room.


Description Audio
The sound produced when the keys are collected.
SFX Keys Pickup 01


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