This article is about the location. For the character, see Joey Drew.

"It seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips it away, doesn't it? If you're back in town, come visit the old workshop. There is something I need to show you. Your best pal. - Joey Drew'''"
Henry's note from his friend, Joey Drew.

Joey Drew Studios, also known as the workshop, is the main setting where Bendy and the Ink Machine takes place. This is where Henry worked 30 years before the game starts.


This obviously massive building is known for being the place where Henry help create and used to work with his friend, Joey Drew, making Bendy cartoons, along with many others. It is also the place where Henry starts in-game to go and find the Ink Machine, as a task. At the start of the game, Henry receives a letter from Joey saying that he should come to "his" old workshop, because he has something to show him.

There are 10 known workers collaborating at Joey Drew's Studio:

Map Layouts

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Chapter 1
Art DepartmentBasementBoris' RoomBreak RoomDisorganized AreaHenry's DeskInk Machine RoomMini WorkroomNarrowed RoomPentagram RoomProjector ClosetProjector RoomPub RoomStaircase RoomSmall OfficeWorkroom
Chapter 2
BalconyCorridor MazeEntrance HallHall ClosetInfirmaryInky HallInk PoolMusic Department HallMusic Writing RoomOrgan RoomProjection BoothRecording BoothRecording StudioRitual RoomS3 VaultSammy's OfficeSammy's RoomSammy's SanctuaryStairwellUppercase RoomUtility Shaft 9
Chapter 3
Alice's RoomAngel Path RoomDark HallwayDemon Path RoomHeavenly Toys RoomElevatorLevel 9Level 11Level 14Level KLevel PLevel SSunken RoomSafe HouseStairways 1Stairways 2Stairways 3
Joey Drew StudiostheMeatly's Room