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Joey Drew Studios Logo

The logo of Joey Drew Studios as seen in Chapter 1 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Joey Drew Studios (also known as the workshop) is an animation studio and the main setting where Bendy and the Ink Machine takes place, established in 1929.[1] Owned by Joey Drew, this is where he, his friend Henry Stein, and all other workers collaborated 30 years before the events of the game, producing a series of Bendy cartoons.


Founded in an unknown full date other than the year of 1929, Joey Drew Studios is located at Brooklyn, New York. The corporation is known for being the place where Henry spent his time animating long ago and used to work with his friend, Joey Drew, making Bendy cartoons, along with many other animators. On August 28 of the unknown year, the studio was closed down due to legal issues and health/safety concerns, as evident by the bankruptcy report found in Joey's apartment, as well as the mention of a health and safety board meeting schedule found in the appointment lobby.

30 years later on 1963, at the beginning in-game, Henry receives a letter from Joey saying that he should come to "his" old workshop, because he has something to show him. Just in time, Henry revisits Joey Drew Studios from the first beginning chapter, it appears that the studio itself was long-time abandoned due to its yearly defunct. Notwithstanding the fact about the studio's long closure, the entrance door strangely still remains unlocked for Henry to get inside. Upon discovering, Henry must active the Ink Machine as a task, and later ending up trapped within the studio as he begin exploring deeper into lower underground levels, desperately finding the exit to escape the studio's corruption.

Progressing in deeper levels under the studio, there are few corporate places owned by crew employees within this studio; Music Department by Sammy Lawrence, Heavenly Toys by Shawn Flynn, and Accounting & Finance by Grant Cohen.


As of yet, there are 11 known workers occupying at Joey Drew's Studio, while Bertrum Piedmont and Lacie Benton from Bendy Land are only collaborators of the studio:

Map Layouts

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Description Audio
The prototype ambiance for ink dripping.
Ambience Dripping
The prototype ambiance for when the place is flooding.
Ambience FlowingInk
The ink flood ambiance.
SFX Ink Flood AMB 01
The sound of a single drip of ink while the place is flooding.
Single drip
The ambiance for ink flowing in the pipes around the studio.
SFX Pipes Ink Flow 01
SFX Pipes Ink Flow 02
Pipe stress.
SFX Pipes Stress 01
The start and ambiance for ink dripping.
SFX batim ink dripping startup 01
SFX batim ink dripping loop 01
The sounds for ink gushing.
SFX Ink Gush Hvy 01
SFX Ink Gush Med 01
The sounds of ink dripping.
SFX Drips 01
SFX Drips 02
SFX Drips 03
The looping sounds of the lights flickering.
SFX Lights Flicker Loop 01
SFX Lights Flicker Loop 02
SFX Lights Flicker Loop 03