This article refers to the character. For the location where the game takes place, see Joey Drew Studios.
At this point, I don't get what Joey's plan is for this company.
Wally Franks talking about Joey, Chapter 1
Joey Drew, also known as Mr. Drew, is an unseen character as well as the founder of the old company Joey Drew Studios in Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is only mentioned in Chapter 1 and 2.

He is the animator as well as the friend of Henry, who collaborated with him making cartoons at the workshop known to be as "Joey Drew Studios", along with other workers. In his letter, it is implied the company went out of business 30 years ago, and thus they had stopped collaborating.


Not much can really be said about Joey's personality due to him never appearing physically in the game nor having his voice heard.

From Wally's first speech in Chapter 1, he said that Joey had lost his mind about himself "appeasing the gods" with the Ink Machine as well as offerings on pedestals from the power room[1][2], hinting that Joey could be obsessive and insane.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

From the very beginning of Chapter 1, Joey sent Henry a note inviting Henry to come back to his workshop, as Joey had "something to show him".

Upon entering Boris' room, Joey Drew was most likely responsible for killing and operating Boris, based from Henry's quote.[3]

There is a diary cassette where Wally Franks talks about Joey and his plans.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Joey is mentioned by Norman, Susie, and Sammy. No other evidence of Joey is found in this chapter.

According to Sammy's second diary cassette while he's still human, it is revealed that Joey is the one who bought the Ink Machine for the company.[4] It is also revealed that Joey has a sanctuary like Sammy have[5], although Joey's sanctuary isn't seen anywhere from both chapters as for now.

From Norman Polk's own diary cassette, Norman was desperately of attempting to discuss with Joey once he realize what Sammy's doing.[6]


  • One of the puzzle items in Chapter 1, the book entitled "The Illusion of Living", is written by Joey Drew.
  • Joey Drew may be inspired by Walt Disney, the founder of the Disney universe. Thus, his company entitled "Joey Drew Studios" could be named after Walt Disney Studios.
    • Joey Drew may also be inspired by Max Fleischer, the founder of Fleischer Studios as per a theory by one of The Game Theorists' videos.
  • Joey's surname is a pun on that Joey drew cartoons.
  • From the older version of Chapter 1, the lines "Doesn't it" has a question mark at the end. From the remastered version, however, the question mark was removed for an unknown reason.
  • Another theory is that Joey is possibly a Satanist, because Bendy is a demon and Joey creates the machine to "appease the gods".


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