The Instruments are a series of items that Henry can interact with from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Six types of instruments appear in Chapter 2: banjo, violin, bass fiddle, drum, piano, and pipe organ.

They make a sound when interacted with.


The instruments in the orchestra room are key to solving Sammy's music puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, the player must interact with the instruments in the correct order while having the projector in the booth on.



The banjo playfully plucks
The banjo once again strums its melody

There are two banjos in Chapter 2.

  • Leaning against a wall in the "He will set us free" area.
  • Leaning against a wall in the orchestra room.



Banjo Sounds

Coming Soon!


The violin shudders with a piercing voice
The violin again screams

There are two violins in Chapter 2.

  • In a corner of the writing room.
  • On a seat in the first row in the orchestra room.



Violin Sounds

Coming Soon!

Bass Fiddle

The bass fiddle sings with deep articulation
The bass fiddle returns and sings aloud

The bass fiddle is in a corner of the orchestra room, behind the seats.


Bass Sounds

Coming Soon!


The drum thunders in triumph
The drum echoes out once more

The drum is in a corner of the orchestra room, behind the seats.


Drum Sounds

Coming Soon!


The piano delicately calls
The piano returns in graceful harmony

The piano is in the orchestra room, far away from the seats.


Piano Sounds

Coming Soon!

Pipe Organ

The pipe organ is in the small room next to the writing room.


Pipe Organ Sounds

Coming Soon!


  • Lacking a chinrest, the in-game violin bears a slightly different appearance from that of a real-life modern violin.
    • Also, lacking a bow, the violin is plucked instead, even though the sounds of violin depicted in Sammy's voice recording are typically made with the bowing techniques.
  • There is no wind instrument in Chapter 2, specifically a clarinet for the episode "Sheep Songs".
  • The pipe organ is the only instrument not to be a part of the puzzle.
    • When the pipe organ is played, a moan can be heard.
    • If the player plays the pipe organ five times, they will be granted an achievement called "Johnny's Broken Heart".


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