The inner sanctum is a location from Chapter 3 in Bendy and the Ink Machine, and also the first room of Level 9.


The room itself has an exit for stairs and a blocked door with boards only breakable when using an axe. The statue of Bendy is located at the left side besides a large entrance where Physical Alice gives Henry weapons or tools. Under the bridge is a river of ink.

Above the door entrance after the stairs is a large statue of Alice Angel herself holding a sign that reads "SHE'S QUITE A GAL!".


This area is where Physical Alice resides. Henry must go to this floor for multiple quest tasks demanded by Physical Alice herself.


22...Inner Sanctum

22. Inner Sanctum


Description Audio
The sound of metal doors opening.
SFX CH3 metaldoorsopening
The sound of the weapon giver moving.
SFX CH3 weapongiver
The sound produced when interacting with the dropbox.
SFX CH3 dropboxinteract
The sound produced every time the Butcher gang members enter during the Butcher Gang mission.
SFX CH3 creepinginkloop