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The inky hall is a location from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a long hallway flooded with ink, with wood planks on both sides, flickering lights, pipes, and an open door at the end. Few streams of ink falls down of certain parts of the hallway's ceiling.


Following after enter the utility shaft 9, Henry has to wade into the ink, to reach the open door at the end of the hallway. Walking through the hallway that hindered his movement. Right before he reaches the door, Sammy Lawrence walks past carrying a Bendy cutout, but disappears before Henry can confront him.

A Searcher can spawn here after the power is turned on from the Music Department.


  • Strangely, the image from the title screen is empty, and had never mentioned anything whatsoever.
  • The hall from Chapter 2's first release before Chapter 3's release has the flood of ink less detailed along with lacking ink streams.


Inky Hall


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