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The ink pool is a location from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a large room with the floor filled with ink, forming into a pool. The room also consists of barrels, wooden planks as poles, and a locked door up ahead.


Following the exit from the ritual room and breaking some wooden boards with the axe along the way. Approaching this room will cause Ink Bendy to pop out before the chase begins, forcing Henry Stein to run into the maze of corridors.

If Henry walks backwards to the locked door to prevent Ink Bendy from popping out, then stand idle for a bit, a whistle from an unknown person can be heard for only few seconds. Besides the whistle, Henry can hear what seems like gears grinding from the Ink Machine itself.


  • The whistle heard while Henry's in front of the door is also heard throughout Chapter 2's teaser trailer.


Ink Pool


Description Audio
The presumed sound of the Ink Machine and whistle heard from behind the door.
SFX InkMachineMotorAndWhistle
The sound produced for when Ink Bendy is appearing from the ink.
SFX BendyAppearsFromInk