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"So this is the Ink Machine, huh? Wonder how you turn it on."
Henry upon entering the room, Chapter 1

The Ink Machine room is a location from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine as a part of Joey Drew Studios.


This room is where the Ink Machine is located. Around the room's entrance are numerous planks with the "INK MACHINE" sign from the ceiling. A Bendy cutout can be found from the back left, and a cabinet from the back right. The room also consists of two wooden pedestal stands.

There are two other small area corners, one each located between the Ink Machine itself with pipes on the ceiling. The left area consists of another cabinet and a wooden chair. The right area consists of only a board.


This is the place where Henry must visit before heading for the break room. Henry must collect six items scattered randomly throughout the workshop, restore the ink pressure in the projector room, then finally switch it on via a switch in the break room for activating the Ink Machine.

Four random items can be found in this room:

  • Wrench - Located on the wooden chair next to the Ink Machine.
  • Gear - Located from either one of the area corners between the Ink Machine.
  • Bendy doll - Located on top of the cabinet from the right back corner of the room.
  • Inkwell - Located near to the Ink Machine.

Upon re-visiting the room after activating the Ink Machine from pulling the switch in the break room, Henry notice the entrance blocked by multiple boards. The floor within this room is also covered with several ink stains, a result by the activation of the Ink Machine itself. "Bendy" suddenly pops out behind the blocked entrance and tries to grab Henry before the entire workshop start flooding with ink.


  • After completing the puzzle to activate the Ink Machine, there are what appears to be a few ink-stained, human footprints, made from a possible mysterious ink creature who is likely responsible for blocking the entrance with boards after walking out from the pub room.
    • The footprints are first introduced in Chapter 1's first remastered update. The footprints are removed upon Chapter 3's release and re-added in the update patch
  • The entrance from previous updates lacks the surrounding boards and the room's sign is connected from above.
  • The room appears to be boarded up from the inside in the prototype version, while it was boarded up from the outside in the updated version.
  • This room was supposed to barricade itself after "Bendy" breaks down all the boards. This idea was scrapped for reasons.


Ink Machine


Description Audio
The prototype ambiance for the ink machine running.
Ambience Machine
The prototype ambiance for the ink machine after "Bendy" appears.
Ambience Laser
The current looped sound of the Ink Machine running.
SFX Ink Machine Run Loop 01
The sound of the sparks from the Ink Machine.
SFX Sparks Ink Machine 01
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