So this is the Ink Machine. Wonder how you turn it on.
— Henry upon entering the room, Chapter 1
The Ink Machine Room room is a location from Bendy and the Ink Machine as a part of Joey Drew Studios, seen during Chapter 1.


From this room, there is a device known as the Ink Machine operated by unknown workers (presumably Henry and Joey Drew). It is assumed that the machine is able to create and make cartoon characters come alive and even restore ink. However, it rather creates ink-formed monsters (as "Bendy" and the Searchers are the only known ink monsters in the game, while Sammy Lawrence himself becomes a monster after getting corrupted by the machine's ink).


In order to activate the machine, the player must collect six items scattered randomly throughout the workshop, restore the ink pressure in the Projector Room, then finally switch it on via a switch in the Power Room.


  • After completing the puzzle to activate the Ink Machine, there are what appears to be few ink-stained, human footprints.
    • In that case for the footprints having no resemblance to "Bendy"'s due to a twisted ankle, these are made from a human-resembled creature covered in ink (not the Searchers as they don't have any legs), who is likely responsible for blocking the entrance and walking back to the locked door.
    • It is speculated that the footprints belong to Sammy Lawrence.
      • This theory would explain why "Bendy" killed Sammy; Sammy didn't let "Bendy" kill Henry at first.
  • Strangely the plans for the Ink Machine V2 almost look, if not, identical to the Ink machine seen in Chapter 1.
    • Unless, the Ink Machine in Chapter 1 is the second version, while the first version is a prototype.


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