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The inkwell, also known as the ink jar, is an item obtainable in Chapter 1 and later as an unobtainable item in Chapter 3 and 4 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The inkwell is black with white skull-and-crossbone marks. Inside it is a white pen with a tinted end.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

The inkwell is one of the six items Henry must collect in order to fix the Ink Machine. There are seven known locations the ink bottle may be found in:

  • Workroom - On the bottom shelf under the animation desk.
  • Henry's desk - On the bottom shelf under Henry's old animation desk.
  • Boris' room - On the floor to the right-hand side of a cabinet.
    • On the shelf next to the animation reel in Boris' room.
  • Ink Machine's room - In front of the Ink Machine from the room, just in front of the large gear.
  • Art department - On the bottom shelf under the animation desk.
  • Pub room - At the bottom of the staircase railing.
  • Projector room - In the top shelf.






Ink jar- art dept

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The inkwell reappears in the third chapter as an unobtainable background item, commonly used in the environments.

Chapter 4

The inkwell will reappear in the fourth chapter as seen from the teaser screenshot.


  • Inkwell-mystery

    The record vinyl's description texture used for the inkwell's pen from the top.

    The texture for the record's description area center is used for the top of the inkwell's pen. This can be spotted much visibly when using the modeling program.
  • The skull-and-crossbone marks indicate that the ink is toxic and not safe to consume.

  • From one of the remastered screenshots with the view of the mini workroom, the inkwell is seen on the right side of the animation desk. Although the inkwell was not randomly found from this room in-game.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the inkwell is collected.
SFX Ink Jar Pick UP Vanish 01
The sound produced when placing the inkwell on the pedestal in the break room.
SFX Ink Jar 01
The old sound produced when the inkwell is collected.
Collect Ink


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