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The ink-river station is a location from Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and the first area of Level 11.


The room's structure look slightly similar to the subway station in design. The entrance room contains a statue of Bendy at the left near from the elevator. Away from the locked box and the wooden barrel, there is a punch card stand. There is also a door connecting to the final room of the second stairs before the final set.

The hall leading to the entrance to the waiting room contains a river of ink and also the Little Miracle Station next to it. From the hall away from the ink river's start are windows with machinery behind.


It is one of the areas in Level 11 where Henry has to hunt down Swollen Searchers for thick ink while doing Physical Alice's fetch quest.

This is also the location where Fisher appears.


  • Prior to update patch 1.3.1, Level 11 is one of the many locations where the special gear can be randomly found.
    • It is also where the Bendy cutout use to be located.
  • From the location's Steam screenshot, a flashlight and the toy train are seen in front of the ink river. Although both were never seen in-game.


14...Ink-River Station

14. Ink-River Station