The Infirmary is a location from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


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The infirmary is located from the hallway near from the door that leads to the organ room. The stairs leading down to the other floor is flooded with ink without activating the first ink flow from Sammy's sanctuary.

Turning the first ink flow from the sanctuary and wiping out the second wave of the Searchers drains the pool of ink from the bottom floor of the infirmary, allowing Henry to activate the next ink flow in order to drain ink from the entrance to Sammy's office.


  • CH1 Finale 02

    The wheelchair.

    From the end of Chapter 1, the image of a wheelchair appears as one of the flashbacks Henry suffers, assuming that the wheelchair was from the infirmary as wheelchairs are actually commonly used for real-life infirmaries.
    • The wheelchair image during the flashbacks in Chapter 1 could be a reference to the wheelchair seen from the 2001 horror film Session 9.
    • Despite the existence of the wheelchair model, its textures are not located in the game files nor anyone can rig its model.
  • When Chapter 2 was first released before the update from Chapter 3's release, Henry is unable to enter the infirmary due to barrels and boards blocking the way, making the room unaccessible.
    • After the update with Chapter 3, inside there was a second boarded-up passage to the infirmary.
    • If you penetrate the boards, you will see a Wandering Cutout.


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