The infirmary is a location from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The floor of this room is covered with several ink splatters. There is a bed located on the left with Bendy cutout next to it. On the wall there is a paper with letters, probably to test one's eyes. There is a pipe located above the bed. On the wall there is a switch used to open the Flooded Sewers. Next to bed there is a wardrobe.


The infirmary is located from the hallway near from the door that leads to the organ room. The stairs leading down to the other floor is flooded with ink without activating the first ink flow from Sammy's sanctuary.

Turning the first ink flow from the sanctuary and wiping out the second wave of the Searchers drains the pool of ink from the bottom floor of the infirmary, allowing Henry to find and activate the other ink flow valve in order to drain ink from the entrance to Sammy's office. A Searcher can also spawn here.


  • When Chapter 2 was first released before the update from Chapter 3's release, Henry is unable to enter the infirmary due to barrels and chairs blocking the way, making the room inaccessible.
    • The stairs and the other room are as well not added. This is seen visibly when using teleporting hacks.
  • Prior to the Chapter 4 update, when using hacks by passing through the blocked entrance from the second room, Henry will encounter the Wandering Sin cutout at the dead end.