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Physical Alice interrupting the song, Chapter 3

I'm Alice Angel is the 14th soundtrack for Bendy and the Ink Machine, used in Chapter 3. It is written by theMeatly and performed by Lauren Synger. The song was performed by Alice Angel in-game.


The track only consists a piano and hand-claps for the song's background music.


The song starts playing from all televisions getting automatically turned on after Henry approaches the booth in Alice's room. The song goes on until Physical Alice interrupts with a startling shout when the song is about to end.


I'm the cutest little angel, sent from above, and I know just how to swing.
I got a bright little halo, and I'm filled with love...
I'm Alice Angel!
I'm the hit of the party, I'm the belle of the ball, I'm the toast of every town.
Just one little dance, and I know you'll fall...
I'm Alice Angel!
I ain't no flapper, I'm a classy dish, and boy, can this girl sing.
This gal can grant your every wish...
I'm Alice Angel!


  • This is the first and only soundtrack to include vocals in it.
  • This song can be heard in the reveal trailer for Chapter 3 at approximately 1:23 in with the lyrics "--hit of the party, I'm the belle of the ball, I'm the-" being heard, though mostly being drowned out by other sounds.
  • The song itself is set to the tune of "Pop Goes The Weasel".
  • Heard from Lauren Synger's video used for her website's intro, there is a cleaner version for one part of the "I'm Alice Angel" song.


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The interruption from Physical Alice right before the song ends.
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