This article details the official history timeline of both the game Bendy and the Ink Machine and theMeatly Games.



  • January: Chapter-1-legendicon Chapter 1's development has begun.
  • January 30: Chapter-1-legendicon The Chapter 1 trailer is released.
  • February 9: Chapter-1-legendicon theMeatly announced that Chapter 1 will be released tomorrow.[1]
  • February 10: Chapter-1-legendicon Chapter 1 is released on Game Jolt.
  • February 14: Chapter-2-legendicon Chapter 2 is under development.
  • February 16: theMeatly announced the fanart contest.
  • February 20: Chapter-2-legendicon The first teaser for Chapter 2 is revealed.
  • February 21: Bendy's official Twitter account for the game's announcements is made.
  • February 22: A second teaser for Chapter 2 is revealed.
  • February 23: Official merchandises are in stores at Red Bubble.
  • February 24: Chapter-1-legendicon Chapter 1 came to Steam Greenlight.
  • February 25: The official website is launched.
  • February 26: Chapter-2-legendicon The third teaser for Chapter 2 is revealed.
  • February 28: Chapter-1-legendicon Chapter 1 made it to Steam Greenlight after four days.
  • March 2: The fanart contest expires.
  • March 15: Chapter-2-legendicon The info for Chapter 2 is revealed.
  • March 27: Chapter-2-legendicon The Chapter 2 trailer is released.
  • March 30: The fanart contest winners are revealed.
  • April 4: Chapter-2-legendicon A preview video for Chapter 2 at CGX is uploaded on YouTube.
  • April 9: Chapter-2-legendicon The fourth teaser for Chapter 2 is revealed.
  • April 11: Chapter-2-legendicon Chapter 2's second trailer is released, revealing the game's release date.
  • April 17: Chapter-2-legendicon theMeatly announced that Chapter 2 is releasing tomorrow.[2]
    • On the same day, theMeatly posted a video about it.
  • April 18: Chapter-2-legendicon Chapter 2 is released on Game Jolt.
    • Chapter-1-legendicon Chapter 1 is updated with entirely remastered graphics and other things.
    • Chapter-3-legendicon Chapter 3 is first considered at this time.[3]
  • April 21: Chapter-2-legendicon An album for Chapter 2 is released on Bandcamp.
  • April 22: theMeatly announced the second fanart contest.
  • April 24: The game's page is revealed on Steam.
  • April 26: The trailer for the game's Steam release is uploaded, stating that the game will be released tomorrow on Steam.
  • April 27: The game is released on Steam for free, with only one chapter with four other chapters are purchasable as DLCs.
    • On the same day, new merchandises are available on Red Bubble.
  • May 8: Patch 0.2 is released for the game.
  • May 9: Chapter-3-legendicon The trailer announcing Chapter 3's development is uploaded.
  • May 18: theMeatly uploaded a video, encouraging everyone to ask questions about the game.
  • May 24: It was announced that the merchandises made by PhatMojo are coming soon.
  • June 3: Chapter-3-legendicon The first teaser for Chapter 3 is shown.
  • June 15: The second fanart contest expires.
  • June 22: Chapter-2-legendicon Chapter 2 is on a Summer sale at Steam.
  • June 26: theMeatly uploaded the first Q & A video about the game on YouTube.
  • July 5: Chapter-2-legendicon The Summer sale for Chapter 2 is expired.
  • July 15: Chapter-3-legendicon The second teaser for Chapter 3 is released.
    • On the same day, it is announced that merchandises related to the game will be in stores at Hot Topic soon.[4]
  • July 20: The game's official Instagram account is made.
  • July 26: Official merchandises are in stores on Hot Topic.
  • August 4: The official store website is created.
    • The Redbubble merchandise are removed.
  • August 5: Chapter-3-legendicon The third teaser for Chapter 3 is released.
  • August 8: Chapter-3-legendicon The video announcing Chapter 3's trailer coming soon is uploaded.
  • August 11: Chapter-3-legendicon Chapter 3's trailer is uploaded.
  • August 13: Hot Topic uploaded the Hot Minute video featuring theMeatly.
  • September: Chapter-3-legendicon Chapter 3 will be released.


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