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"Hey, here's my old desk. I've wasted so much time in this chair."
Henry when approaching his desk, Chapter 1 and 5

Henry's desk is a location in Chapter 1 and 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is located to the left of the workroom, away from the Art Department.


In this room is an animation desk with a wooden chair next to it and a Bendy cutout on the left side. On the desk are two concept paper sheets, one of which is bigger with a drawing of Bendy with the "NO" sticker on it, while the other one is a random sketch of Bendy's movements and sizes. The whole area is scattered with pieces of blank paper.


Upon visiting this area, Henry quoted that he must have spent most of his time drawing sketches during his time in Joey Drew Studios long ago.

Henry also encounters his desk in Chapter 5 while walking to the Giant Ink Machine Entrance and discovers a miniaturized version of the Workroom, along with his old desk.


  • This room was first created by theMeatly for testing the game's graphic style, making it the first room created for the game.[1]
  • In old updates before the release of Chapter 4, the second shelf of the animation desk is one of the four possible random locations of both inkwell and wrench, as the said items are used for fixing the Ink Machine;
    • Wrench - Leaning on the wall in front of Bendy's cutout.
    • Inkwell - Located under the animation desk.
  • From the earlier prototype while the entire studio is flooding after Ink Bendy's jumpscare, Henry cannot walk to his deskroom or the workroom due the the rain of ink blocking the way.
    • On the first remastered version of Chapter 1, this area would be sealed by a large gate.
    • After its second update upon Chapter 3's release, the room can now be visited during the flood.
    • In the third update for Chapter 4's release, the feature of still accessing the room is reverted.
  • Towards the end of Chapter 1 from its first remastered edition, Ink Bendy can be seen in one of the flashbacks where he is standing next to Henry's desk while Henry himself is behind the blocked entrance to the room where the staircase is at. However, Ink Bendy is only visible if the player turns to look at a certain angle in the split second the flashback occurs.
    • From the chapter's second remastered update upon Chapter 3's release, this vision was removed.


Henry's Desk



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