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Alright, Joey. I'm here. Let's see if we can find what you wanted me to see.
— Upon starting the game, Chapter 1

Henry is the main protagonist that the player plays as, appearing throughout the chapters of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Not much is known about him other than he is an animator and used to work with his friend Joey Drew at Joey Drew Studios 30 years ago.


Not much is currently known about his personality, but Henry appears to sound calm and quiet. He also seems curious and is interested of his surroundings, since it has been 30 years since he has last been at Joey Drew Studios.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Henry receives a note from Joey Drew, asking him to visit the workshop because Joey got "something to show him". Upon entering the workshop, his task is to locate the Ink Machine and then activate it.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Henry wakes up in the Pentagram Room. After he retrieves his axe once again, he chops down boards. His overall objective is to find Sammy's Sanctuary. He is later kidnapped by Sammy, for a sacrifice to "Bendy". But managed to escape and lock the door from behind before entering S3 Vault to meet Boris.

Chapter 3

Henry will be back in Chapter 3. Where he will tried to continuing solve the mystery of the workshop after he had the that place thirty year ago then come back and trapped at the basement after accidental activated the Ink Machine that triggered the whole paranormal event.


The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

Alright, Joey. I'm here. Let's see if we can find what you wanted me to see.
— Upon starting the game.
DIA Player 01

Here's my old desk. I've wasted so much time in this chair.
— When approaching the desk at the end of the hallway.
DIA Player 12

So this is the Ink Machine. Wonder how you turn it on.
— Seeing the Ink Machine for the first time.
DIA Player 02

Oh my God. Joey, what were you doing?
— Entering Boris' room and witnesses his corpse.
DIA Player 06

Alright, how do I get this to work?
— Entering the main power room for the first time.
DIA Player 03

Who put this here?!
— Seeing the moved Bendy cutout.
DIA Player 11

Ok! That's all of them! I just need to get the ink flowing somehow. Should be a switch around here somewhere. Then I can start up the main power.
— After collecting all six items.
DIA Player 04

Hugheh! Ugh.
— Henry when falling down and landing into the Basement.
DIA Player 09A
DIA Player 09B

This will definitely come in handy.
— Picking up the axe.
DIA Player 05

What the heck is this?
— Encountering theMeatly.
DIA Player 07

I'm getting the hell out of here!
— As the ink starts flooding. (Unused)
DIA Player 08

Ugh, my head. What happened?
— Upon starting Chapter 2.
DIA Henry Intro 01
DIA Henry Intro 02

Well, I guess there is only one thing to do: Press on. See if I can find a way out.
— Regaining senses.
DIA Henry Intro 03

How did this place get so big?
— Talking about the environment.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 02

Hello! Excuse me! Can you help me! Hello?
— Sees Sammy walking by.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 03

Where the hell did he go?
— Realized that Sammy disappeared.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 04

Got to get Power to this gate somehow. There should be a couple of switches nearby, then maybe I can open it.
— Henry when commenting about the first gate.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 05

Looks like the stairwell is flooded. If I'm gonna find a way to get out of here, I need to find a way to drain it.
— Henry Commenting about the Stairs.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 06

I know there's something I gotta do in here. I feel like I'm missing something.
— Henry Commenting about the Orchestra Room.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 08

Well there's the pump switch alright. That's one hell of a leak blocking the door though If I can just stop that ink from flowing maybe I can get in.
— Henry commenting about the Pump switch
DIA Henry Chapter Two 07

Okay, that should do it.
— ???
DIA Henry Chapter Two 09

Hello? Someone there? I know you're in here. Come out and show yourself.
— Expecting for Someone to arrive.
DIA Henry Chapter Two 10

— Encountering Boris at the end of Chapter 2.

Coming Soon...


  • As of yet, Henry's surname is unknown, unlike other human characters.
  • Being an adult, his voice sounds much like in the age of 20-40 rather than 50-70, despite the game taking place after 30 years.
  • There are some sounds of Henry which can only occur in the prototype version of Chapter 1 but never used in a newer update:
    • Henry's gasp and sigh sound when encountering the first Bendy cutout jumpscare.
    • Henry's "I'm getting the hell out of here!" line after encountering "Bendy".
  • From Chapter 2, at the ritual room, it is unknown how Henry free himself from the rope he is tied with after Sammy getting killed by "Bendy". Although, it is possible that Henry sneakily cut the rope with a knife from one of his pockets.


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