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"So I was going to get my dustpan from the hall closet the other day, and guess what? I can't find my stupid keys."
Wally Franks' second audio log, Chapter 2

The hall closet, also known as Wally's closet or simply just closet, is a location in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a small closet with three shelves. It contains a cassette tape with another voice recording from Sammy Lawrence, some non-lighted candlesticks, a bowl of spheres, and four obtainable cans of Bacon Soup.


Dust Pan

Wally's dustpan.

Wally Franks mentions in his second audio log that he cannot find his keys anywhere before opening the closet's door for the dustpan.

The closet can be only opened with a key which can be found from one of the garbage cans. After finding the keys and opening the closet, Henry will find a voice recording of Sammy Lawrence, which gives him a hint about the upcoming music puzzle.

Wally's dustpan is later stolen by Sammy Lawrence to use when hunting for Henry, as noticed when visiting the closet again after activating the pump switch from Sammy's office.


  • In the old updates before the release of Chapter 4, the dustpan was not added yet.
    • During Chapter 2 remaster development, theMeatly leaked an image of Wally's dustpan.[1]


Hall Closet



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