The gear is one of the six items needed to fix the Ink Machine from Chapter 1 and 3 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a gear colored light tan overall. Marks on the gear imply that it is made of metal.


Chapter 1

The gear can be in one of four locations:

  • By the Bendy cutout in the hallway leading to the Power Room.
  • On the floor next to a cabinet in the Ink Machine room.
  • On the floor behind a wooden plank in the Ink Machine room.
  • Laying against the wall in the plank room in the Ink Machine Room.




Koło Zębate3

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The gears can be seen laying around all over the place, although unobtainable. There are, however, special gears that are needed to be collected.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the gear is collected.
SFX Gear Pick UP Vanish 01
The sound produced when placing the gear on the pedestal in the break room.
SFX Gear 01
The old sound produced when the gear is collected this is shared with the Wrench.
Collect Metal


  • The gear resembles the pre-existing gears for the Ink Machine in both size and shape.


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