The flooded sewers is a location in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. This is where Jack Fain in his "Swollen Jack" form is first encountered as well as a office with his audio log inside.


It's a long tunnel flooded with ink, with several gaps in the walls that have objects in them such as Jack Fain's audio log. In the utility station, there are two machines with levers that lift and drops a lift with crates on it. There is also an inaccessible room where Sammy's shadow is encountered.


After activating the ink flow from Sammy's sanctuary, Henry must find a valve to turn the second switch. Following the Infirmary, he enters the Flooded Sewers , he will see two planks with Swollen Jack behind them. Henry must breaks the planks, and chase Swollen Jack into the Sewers, until he comes across the machines. Henry must then pull the left lever to lift the crates, then lure Jack under the crates, and pull the other lever to crush him and get the valve.

It should be noted that there is a hidden area when Henry first enters the area, he can see Sammy's shadow. However, after obtaining the valve, he disappears.


  • When using hacks while teleporting to the inaccessible area where Sammy is currently at, the light-lamp is not visible despite the existing light shining at Sammy. The Wandering Sin cutout was not found either.
  • A pair of boots found in the small room with Jack Fain's audio log are recycled from the older model of the dead Boris clone in Chapter 1's prototype.
    • The same goes to the small room with the costume closet in Chapter 4.
    • The sewers did not appear in old updates of Chapter 2 before the update from Chapter 4's release.

Using the seeing tool on the "SING WITH ME" text reveals another message: "I DON'T SING WITH PSYCHOS".


Flooded Sewers


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