"No!!! No! No! No!... Why can't you ever just die?!"
"Alice" enraged by Henry killing "Boris", Chapter 4

Endings and Beginnings is the 33rd track for Bendy and the Ink Machine, used in Chapter 4. It was written by theMeatly.


The track starts off with a mellow, saddening piano tune. Then it dramatically changes to a tense loud sound, this is meant to be when "Alice" appears. Then it changes to a triumphant tune after "Alice" is defeated and ends with a small crash.


This song plays after successfully killing "Boris" followed by the death of "Alice" and the reveal of Allison Angel and Tom.


Description Audio
The separate piece of music that plays after killing "Boris".
MUS OldEndings
The separate piece of music that plays when "Alice" comes running and then is killed by Allison Angel.
MUS NewBeginnings
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