Various Easter Eggs appear in every chapter in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Youtuber Tunes

In one of the offices, there's an old-fashioned radio that plays an instrumental and shortened version of Kyle Allen's "Bendy and the Ink Machine" Song.


Based on the mascot of the game's developing company, he is tall with long, skinny black limbs, red rectangular body (even though it is yellowish-brown in color due to the color-style for the game itself), and a circular white head with black eyes.

Wandering Cutouts

If the player teleports or glitches into an inacessable area, there's a chance to find a creepy looking Bendy cutout on the wall with a pentagram in the background and holding a note with "Wandering is a terrible sin" written. Coming closer will reveal a distorted whisper-like sound coming from the cutout, these are meant to deter the player from hacking.

In Chapter 1, they can be found: - Behind the exit doors. - In the Staircase Room. - In the blocked off area of the Pub Room.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Reappearing Bendy

If Henry breaks one of the Bendy cutouts laying around on a ritual circle and turns away, then back again, they'll reappear undamaged. This is most likely for paranormal reasons.

Bendy Band

Up to 9 Bendy cutouts can appear sitting or peeking in from the Recording Studio, doing so grants the player an achievement.


Once again, theMeatly's Easter Egg returns in Chapter 2 and is only accessible after the ink pumps are turned on, it is accessed from the Music Writing Room.

Youtuber Tunes

In Sammy's office, there's an old fashioned radio that plays an instrumental and shortened version of DAGame's "Build Our Machine" song.

Fan Art

Three of the winning pieces of fan art from the fan art contest due to Chapter 1's success are strewn around in Chapter 2. There's a Bendy under an umbrella as seen by the entrance to the orchestra room, in the cross way for the orchestra room there's a poster of Bendy from "Train Troubles". On one of the desks in an office there's a piece of art depicting Bendy's emotions.

The Broken Heart

In the first room to the right in the entrance of the hallway there's a pipe organ. If Henry play the keys on the organ, he can hear a faint screaming sound afterwards. After doing this 5 times, Henry will hear different screams and this grants the player an achievement.

Canadian Bacon

If Henry eats all of the Bacon Soup in Chapter 2, he will earn an achievement named "Canadian Bacon", referencing theMeatly's love for bacon and Mike Mood's home country.

Uppercase Room

If Henry looks above before his axe breaks, Henry will notice a room.

Whistling and Gear Noise

At the ritual room from the ink-flooded area where "Bendy" is about to pop out upon approach, Henry needs to walk backwards to prevent "Bendy"'s jumpscare from occurring. While standing next to the door, if Henry idles for around 40 seconds, gears (from the Chapter 3's trailer) and whistling (as heard from Chapter 2's trailer) starts playing. It is assumed that the whistling is from another employee.

Wandering Cutouts

In Chapter 2, they can be found: - On a balcony, where Bendy cutouts and later Sammy appears. - In the Infirmary blocked off stairs. - behind the door in the Recording Booth. - In the Uppercase Room. - In the closed off hallway where "Bendy" is chasing Henry. - Behind Boris.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall


On Level 11 in Chapter 3, in the farthest glassed room to the back contains a Boris poster in the back of the room. Walking through that grants you theMeatly easter egg of the chapter, along with the achievement "Tea Time". This is this chapters version of the theMeatly's easter egg.

Youtuber Tunes

Near the loads of stacked instruments in Chapter 3 you can find a radio which plays the song "Bendy and the Ink Musical" by Random Encounters.

Wandering Cutout

In Chapter 3, they can be found: - Behind the closed door the Projectionist walks into.

Chapter 4

Coming soon...


Description Audio
The Kyle Allen easter egg song.
The DAGames easter egg song.
The Random Encounters easter egg song.
The Ink Machine and whistling easter egg.
SFX InkMachineMotorAndWhistle
The sound the Wandering cutouts make.
SFX Lamp Flicker Loop 01


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