"This lift could use a few dry cells."
Henry before finding the dry cells, Chapter 1

The dry cells, also known as batteries, are two items that only appear in Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. They are used to power up a lift that carries the Ink Machine.


Both are rectangular, cube-shaped batteries in larger size, and printed with the electricity symbol.


Henry has to find two dry cells in the Ink Machine room in order to power up the Ink Machine's lift. One dry cell is found in a shelf, and the other is found inside the chest. Once finding both of them, Henry must place one dry cell to the machine at a time, then activating the switch afterwards.


  • From older updates prior to the update of Chapter 4, this item was still not implemented been yet since the old version of the Ink Machine room is smaller and far different without the lift and also with the small room that match the size of the structure.