The "demon path" room is a location from Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The floor from the "demon path" room is flooded with ink. It has ink falling from the ceiling that resembles pillars. Strangely enough, the projector, the shelf, and one of the chairs are entirely black to match the ink's color. Close to that there is another chair that has an audio log belonging to Joey Drew, where he talks about dreaming and belief.

There is an animation desk with the Bendy doll and inkwell.

Outside of the entrance to this room consists of the coat hanger stand, and the "Little Devil Darlin'" and "The Dancing Demon" posters.


The room is located from the left side, while the right side leads to the "angel path" room. Henry will receive the "Path of the Demon" ending after completing the entire third chapter when choosing this room, and also if he wishes to obtain the Tommy Gun. However, this will cause Ink Bendy to become more aggressive and spawn constantly later on.

Upon coming closer to the "demon path" room, the gates from the "angel path" room will suddenly shut, preventing Henry from visiting the said room.


  • Choosing this path and later completing the chapter will unlock "The Path of the Demon" achievement after finishing Chapter 3.
  • When Piper walks to the "demon path" room while chasing after Henry to attack, a bug will occur to cause Piper's animation freezes in one frame to make him slowly "slide" towards Henry for every split second.
  • In the Hello Bendy mod during the Halloween special, the "demon path" room's sign says "TRICK" instead of "THE DEMON".


6...Demon Path Room

6. Demon Path Room