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Chapter 3 is the upcoming third chapter for Bendy and the Ink Machine. The release date is currently unknown, but it's presumed to be released in Summer 2017. This is only a presumption and can be changed at any time.

The trailer announcing its development was released on May 9, 2017.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


  • At S3 Vault, there is a door. Right beside it is a sign saying "LIFT". It is unknown if it will play a part in Chapter 3's story.
  • If one hacks Chapter 2 and teleport into Alice's recording booth in the Orchestra Room, the door can be opened, hinting that the booth is required for Chapter 3.
  • Brightening up the trailer reveals a ink-coated microphone from the right side of the video.
  • The halo appearing on top of the number 3 possibly hints that Alice Angel's physical form will appear in Chapter 3.
  • A flashback of "Bendy" from Chapter 1 appears for a split second in the announcement trailer.
  • There's speculation that S3 Vault will be the starting location of Chapter 3, because Chapter 1 ended with the Pentagram Room, which is also the starting location of Chapter 2.
    • It is also speculated that Alice Angel will play a part in this chapter, due to the Angel halo that appears (which only Alice has).
  • As the camera zoom out, from the three with the halo in the bottom right, there is a shadow of a person holding a script behind the gears.




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