A prototype version of Chapter 1 was the earliest known demo, released on February 10, 2017. The demo itself is entirely different comparing to its next remastered updates, which was later updated on April 18, 2017 upon Chapter 2's release, then remastered again on September 28, 2017 upon Chapter 3's release.

The prototype for Chapter 1 can be downloaded from here. Credit goes to the Steam user Micah for the download. However, it can only be used by 64 bit users.


All characters' models (except theMeatly) are totally different when compared to their own final builds.

Thomas Connor's tape was not planned to be added, making Wally Franks the only record speaker in the prototype.


Beta Final

Boris clone

Beta Final
PrototypeChapter 1 Dead Boris


Beta Final


The rooms including the small office, projector closet, art department, pub room, and two closets from the narrowed room are not yet added, making all of the doors remain locked.

The rooms where to locate the "wandering" Bendy cutouts are not added yet when using teleporting hacks.

Hacking out of the map makes it possible to reveal all wooden floors.


The hallway from the beginning of the chapter lacks the "WELCOME" sign from the ceiling.

After turning on the Ink Machine, if Henry goes to the exit from the workroom without encountering "Bendy" first, it will be blocked by planks until Henry walks back to the blocked entrance of the Ink Machine's room.

Break Room

Near from the entrance to the break room, there is a locked door.

Projector Room

When the projector turns on automatically, it plays the soundtrack "Hellfire Follies" instead of "You Left Me in a Heartbeat".


In addition, the basement had only one room and a hallway leading to the pentagram room. There were no several stairs added.


Half of the sounds are different and as well replaced for the remastered edition while others went completely unused.

Description Audio
The old title intro sound for Chapter 1.
The old sound produced when Henry pulls down the lever and the same sound used when the chapter ends.
Push Leaver
The old soundtrack when the projector turns on.
Music hellfirefollies
The old sound produced when the Bendy Doll is collected.
Collect Toy
The old sound produced when the Ink Jar is collected.
Collect Ink
The old sound produced when the Gear or Wrench is collected.
Collect Metal
The old sound produced when the record is collected.
Collect Paper
The old sound produced when the axe is collected.
Collect Axe
The old sound for when "Bendy" emerged from the ink in Chapter 1.
The credit jumpscare sound that plays once when the Chapter ends.


The soundtracks "Ode to Bendy" and "You Left Me in a Heartbeat" are not yet composed or added.

The prototype also lacks achievements, a punch card stand, and a running ability. No cans of Bacon Soup can be found anywhere in this prototype, as this collectible was not made yet.

Pause menu

Beta Final
To be added.


From the "Little Devil Darlin'" and "The Dancing Demon" posters, each gloves from Bendy sports three darts instead of two buttons. The "Sheep Songs!" poster is the only poster that remain unchanged.

Beta Final



There were only five objectives to complete in the prototype instead of seven.

Note that these objective images below still exists in the game and are located within the prototype's files. From the updated Chapter 1's game files, however, objectives' both tag files and fonts are separated.
Chapter one fg

Chapter 1
Moving Pictures

Chapter two fg

Chapter 2
The Old Song


Chapter 3
Rise and Fall
Chapter 4

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