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The pre-remastered edition for Chapter 1 is the first remastered update, released on April 18, 2017 upon Chapter 2's release. The update features heavily updated graphics, changes, sounds, and character models. It also includes some new features.


All characters' models are drastically redesigned. Thomas Connor's recording tape was still not added to the game yet, however.


Two new locations, the small office and the projector closet, are added. The pub room, two closets for the narrowed room, and the art department were not planned to be added yet.


While the basement is heavily extended, there is no puzzle to activate the valves in order to drain the ink flood as said flood was not featured yet.

Projector Closet

There is no can of Bacon Soup located within the closet, however.

Prior to update patch 0.2, the miniature Bendy cutout used the original glove design as opposed to the updated design appearing on all other cutouts, technically an oversight.


There are only 4 achievements to unlock. Two other achievements, "The Taste of Home" and "The Past Speaks", are not featured.

Name Image Description
Picking Up the Pieces
Picking Up the Pieces icon
Collect all items.
Hello Bendy
Hello Bendy icon
Fall through the floor.
The Creator
The Creator and Man Behind the Curtain icon
Visit theMeatly.
Crooner Tuner
Crooner Tuner icon
Turn on the radio.


Only two cans of Bacon Soup are located inside the small office. Collecting them both does not unlock "The Taste of Home" achievement as it was never featured yet. Instead, it is a part of unlocking the "Canadian Bacon" achievement after collecting all Bacon Soup cans from Chapter 2.

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