Can't Be Erased is a soundtrack and an Easter Egg from Chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is an edited version of the song from the fan-made music video uploaded by JT Music. It is the fourth and final non canonical song appeared in the game.


The music itself actually turns out to be an old fashion-styled instrumental and shorter version of the non canonical song "Can't Be Erased".


The radio for this song in Chapter 4 can be achieved from the first Ink Maker located in the Cavern by changing the icon to the radio and printing it out.


  • "Can't Be Erased" is one of the edited non-canonical soundtracks added in the game. The three others are the "Bendy and the Ink Machine song", "Build Our Machine" and "Bendy and the Ink Musical".
    • Lasting only for 30 seconds, this is the shortest non-canonical track in the game, with the second being Bendy and the Ink Musical that lasts 47 seconds.
    • This is also the only non-canonical song to have its pitch adjusted and does not start at the beginning, assuming that this track is more heavily edited than the rest.