The Butcher Gang is a trio of cartoon characters starring in "The Butcher Gang" from Bendy's cartoons thirty years before the events of the game. The three only appear in their poster of Chapter 3 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.



Charley is a nearly bald, chimpanzee-like humanoid with large ears, a black nose, a black beard and sideburns. He wears a tailcoat and vest, a black tie, and black shoes. It is possible that he wore white gloves, just like his enemy variant Piper, although they are not seen in the poster due to him having his hands in his pockets.

Barley appears to be a cross between a pirate and a sailor with a white beard, wearing an eye patch for his right eye, a hat and a belt, a pair of white gloves, and holding a corn-cob pipe with his mouth.

Edgar is a spider-like creature with large lips, small ears, and a pair of pointed fangs. Unlike actual arachnids in reality, he sports only four legs instead of eight.

Additionally, all three members have pie shaped eyes, like the other cartoon characters.


Based on their mean and/or upset looks, it can be presumed that the trio are the villains in some of Bendy's cartoons, other than that, their personalities are unexplored.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The trio in their cartoon form only appear in the "The Butcher Gang" poster from the T-shaped hallway where the entrance to Level K is located, next to the switch which Henry needs to flip. Soon, the poster bursts with one giant hole when Piper emerges behind it for a jumpscare upon approaching.

They also appear in their physical form as mutilated, hostile enemies.

For further reading about each enemy types, see Piper, Fisher, or Striker.


  • The design for Charley is very similar to the Fleischer cartoon character Grampy because of a similar-looking clothing along with the vest, a nearly bald oval-shaped head, pie-styled eyes, and a black nose.
  • The design for Barley could have been similar to the character Popeye, as they are both sailors, wear sailor hats, are often shown flexing, and both have corn cob pipes.
    • His sailor hat is reused from Bendy's hat seen from Chapter 2's Steam Summer sale image.
  • Edgar's design may have strong similarities with the antagonistic spider character in Betty Boop's "Mother Goose Land" cartoon, as they are both spider-based characters having very similar looks, even pie eyes, large lips possessing fangs, round-shaped bodies, and often walk in a quadrupedal manner (although the spider antagonist have six arms while Edgar only have four legs).
  • They are the only cartoon characters whose names are not revealed in game until officially confirmed by theMeatly from his "behind the scenes" video about Chapter 3.
    • The Butcher Gang are some of theMeatly's favorite characters.[1]


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