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The Butcher Gang is a trio of cartoon characters created by Joey Drew Studios of the Bendy series, starring in "The Butcher Gang" and "Demonic Tonic" from the series of Bendy's cartoons as the show's antagonists.

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the three only appear in posters and short cartoon clips from Chapter 3 to 5. From the third to the fifth chapter, they also appear in their physical form as mutilated enemies; Charley as Piper, Barley as Fisher, and Edgar as Striker.

General description

Physical appearance

Charley, the tallest of the gang, is a nearly bald humanoid whose own species currently unidentified. He has large ears, a black animalistic nose, a black beard and sideburns. He wears a tailcoat and vest, a black tie, white gloves, and black shoes.

Barley appears to be a cross between a pirate and a sailor with a white beard, wearing an eye patch for his right eye, a hat and a belt, a pair of white gloves, and holding a corn-cob pipe with his mouth. Even though he is a human, Barley strangely sports "black outlines" around his face but under the mouth similar to Bendy. Considering the size, Barley is in exact same height as Bendy.[1]

Edgar is a spider-like creature with large lips, small ears, and a pair of pointed fangs. Unlike actual arachnids in reality, he sports only six legs instead of eight. He mostly uses his two front feet as hands.

Additionally, all three members have pie eyes, like many other cartoon characters.


The trio take each role as gang-based villainous characters in some of Bendy's cartoons. While they seem to enjoy antagonizing Bendy, the gang sometimes does not get along very well, especially the started argument between Barley and Edgar seen in "The Butcher Gang" clip.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

The trio only appear in the "The Butcher Gang" cartoon poster seen at the end of the power hallway where the entrance to the last room on Level K is located, before Piper behind tearing the poster into a giant hole by Henry's approach.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Besides their enemy counterparts' returning, the Butcher Gang appeared in the "Demonic Tonic" cartoon poster located in the balcony of the Research & Design location.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

A couple of cartoon clips of the Butcher Gang (The Butcher Gang and Demonic Tonic) are seen in the throne room, before facing Ink Bendy in a final confrontation.


  • The design for Charley is very similar to the Fleischer cartoon character Grampy because of a similar-looking clothing along with the vest, oval-shaped head with little-to-no hair, pie-styled eyes, and a black nose.
  • The design for Barley could have been similar to the character Popeye from the Popeye the Sailor cartoons, as they are both sailors, wear sailor hats, are often shown flexing, gruff-looking expressions, similar square-shaped noses, and both have corn cob pipes. Both of their right eye also has a unique feature, Barely with a right patch eye but Popeye's right eye always remain squinted.
  • Edgar's design may have strong similarities with the antagonistic spider character in Betty Boop's "Mother Goose Land" cartoon, as they are both spider-based characters having similar looks, even pie eyes, large lips possessing fangs, round-shaped bodies, and often walk in a quadrupedal manner. Although while both got six limbs, the spider antagonist wear gloves on each end and has a nose while Edgar instead wear shoes along with lacking a nose.
    • Edgar also seems to highly resemble some of the spiders from the Mickey Mouse short "Mickey's Garden", such as this one.
  • The Butcher Gang are some of theMeatly's favorite characters.[2]
  • Due to his confusedly unconfirmed species, Charley was thought to be a chimpanzee judging by the large ears and a black nose similar to the distinctive features of rubberhose monkey characters in vintage cartoon media like Fleischer. The animator TimetheHobo deconfirms this.[3]
  • The Butcher Gang were designed as their "ink corrupted" versions first, then were reversed engineered into their cartoon forms.



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