This article contains a list of bugs that occur in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Some bugs, however, may be fixed later during future updates.


No. Chapter Description
#1 Main The main bug will sometimes occur by causing Henry fall out of the map.
#2 Main Sometimes, during the whole ending credits is bugged out with credit texts and Bendy's head.
#3 CH1 After collecting all the items and activating the main power, if Henry approaches the Ink Machine by walking backwards, "Bendy's" jumpscare will not occur. To get the jumpscare to happen, Henry must walk back to the intersecting hallway, then approach the room regularly.
#4 CH1 Upon entering the pentagram room, there is a can of Bacon Soup on a shelf. If the can is eaten, the shaking of Henry's vision will stop.
#5 CH2 At rare times, Sammy will knock out Henry from behind, despite him not being visible.
#6 CH2 Pressing the ESC button over numerous times as soon as Sammy hits Henry will allow Henry to move by "floating". When dropped to the floor, Henry will still move and glitch around the map before Sammy takes him to the ritual room. Sammy's head will even glitch through his chest or back if Henry moves by from behind him.
#7 CH2 If pausing the game when a Searcher is in view or active near the Searcher's animations will freeze or their model will not even show.
#8 CH3 Sometimes in the inky abyss, the Projectionist will stop moving while his walking animation is still going.
#9 CH3 Sometimes if "Bendy" gets close to Henry while trying to get inside a Little Miracle Station, there is a rare chance to get killed eventually.
#10 CH3 Hitting one of the barrels numerous times from the sixth room of the first stair sets will cause the spilling audio loop infinitely.
#11 CH3 "Bendy" will sometimes stop while his walking animation keeps going.
#12 CH3 Playing Wally's audio log and walk farther away then come back causes Wally's transcript to not disappear after his speech was finished until playing his audio log again.
#13 CH3 While opening the pause menu inside of the Little miracle station,the crosshair will get stuck and the cursor will not appear so you can't use the menu before exiting the station


No. Chapter Description
#1 CH1 From the prototype only. Approach the entrance to the pentagram room, and walk back. The room will infinitely shake until Henry walks towards the pentagram to complete the chapter.
#2 CH1 In the prototype, after falling into a room from the lower level, grab the axe and start chopping boards to clear a path. Then, walk towards the crack from the right side of the hall. After following those steps, the player has a rare chance to glitch out of the map.

Outside the map
#3 CH2 Only from the deleted Game Jolt port. If Henry approaches the shelf filled with Bendy dolls from S3 vault, his vision starts fading to darkness even though "Bendy" isn't there.
#4 CH3 Sometimes, the "Hearing Voices" achievement cannot be unlocked.
#5 CH3 From Level 9, when getting killed by all "Butcher Gang" enemies near the Bendy statue during the current task and after respawning, Henry will stuck in an endless loop of getting himself killed and respawned.

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