This article contains a list of Bugs that occur in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Some bugs, however, may be fixed later during future updates.

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Bug 1

Approach the entrance to the pentagram room, and walk back. The room will infinitely shake until the player walks towards the pentagram to complete the chapter. This only happens in the prototype.

Bug 2

Outside the map

Out of map glitch.

After falling into a room from the lower level, grab the axe and start chopping boards to clear a path. Then, walk towards the crack from the right side of the hall. After following those steps, the player has a rare chance to glitch out of the map.
Note: It is unknown if this bug is fixed for Chapter 1's new update.

Bug 3

After collecting all the items and activating the main power, if Henry approaches the Ink Machine by walking backwards, "Bendy"'s jumpscare will not occur. To get the jumpscare to happen, Henry must walk back to the intersecting hallway, then approach the room regularly.

Bug 4

The chapter end in blank without advancing to next chapter following the Chapter 3 release.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Bug 1

Much like the previous bug, should Henry approach the pool of ink outside the Ritual Room by walking backwards, "Bendy" will not appear, and Henry can reach the exit door. The door cannot be opened, however, but sound effects such as the Ink Machine's gears turning and the whistling from the Chapter 2 teaser can be heard coming from the opposite side possibly meaning this was intentional.

Bug 2

From the Game Jolt port, if Henry approaches the shelf filled with Bendy dolls from S3 vault, his vision starts fading to darkness even though "Bendy" isn't there. It was later fixed upon Steam's release.

Bug 3


Sammy hitting Henry even though he's not visible.

At rare times, Sammy will knock out the player from behind, despite him not being visible.

Bug 4

If pausing the game when a Searcher is in view or active near the Searcher's animations will freeze or their model will not even show.

Bug 5

Similar to Chapter 1, the chapter ends in blank without advancing to next chapter following the Chapter 3 release.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Bug 1

Sometimes in the inky abyss, the Projectionist will stop moving while his walking animation is still going.

Chapter 4

Coming soon...


Bug 1

Sometimes while playing through the game, Henry can fall through the floor. This most noticeably happens in Chapter 1, but can also happen in Chapter 2 as well.

Bug 2

If you walk backwards in any of the Chapters when a Bendy cutout is suppose to peek from the side it will not occur.

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