"Also, get this, Joey had each one of us donate something from our work stations. We put them on these little pedestals in the break room. To help appease the gods, Joey says. Keep things going."
Wally Frank's first audio log, Chapter 1

The break room is a location from Joey Drew Studios in Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It is a large area consisting of six pedestals (three from each both left and right sides). From the left side, three pedestals requires this following order - Bendy doll, a record, and an ink jar. From the right side, three pedestals requires this following order - a book, a wrench, and a gear. The pedestals are connected to pipes and are localized on a raised dirt ground.

Above all pedestals are light-bulbs,and will automatically turn on upon putting the items onto the pedestals. All lights will shut off upon pulling the switch.

At the end from between both pipes is a switch, with a sign from above labeled "INK MACHINE".


The break room is the area where the Ink Machine is activated via a switch. Henry must acquire six objects to restore the ink pressure; an inkwell, a book (entitled "The Illusion of Living"), a Bendy doll, a gear, a wrench, and a record (entitled "The Lighter Side of Hell"). After collecting all items or one by one, Henry has to put the items manually onto the pedestals before preparing to activate the ink flow from the projector room.

It is the last room Henry enters during the puzzle after restoring the ink flow in the Theater. It is the room that all of the items Henry collects during the puzzle appear.


  • Before the Chapter 4 update, the room was only a large wooden room with the six pedestals having no pipes and not being raised. The machinery was completely absent and the wall only have posters.
  • From earlier versions, all items on pedestals levitates and slowly spins around as Henry does not need to place them on pedestals. All items disappear as soon as pulling switch for the Ink Machine.
    • In the early prototype, all of the items immediately vanish into thin air instead.
    • In the first remastered edition, all six items from the pedestals slowly disappear after brief seconds from activating the switch.
  • Based on two unused portrait files, there were originally going to be over eight items required for the puzzle instead of just six.
  • Hello Bendy replaces "RUNNING" with "HELLO NEIGHBOR".


Break Room


Description Audio
The old sound produced when Henry pulls down the lever, this is the same sound used when the prototype of Chapter 1 ends.
Push Leaver
The current sound produced when Henry pulls down the lever.
SFX Mainr Power Lever Turn On 01
The sound of the light turning on.
The start cue for the ambiance that starts to play after turning on the ink pressure.
MUS Horror Cue 02
The ambiance that starts to play after turning on the ink pressure.
SFX Horror Ambience Loop 01

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