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"Look around. It took so many of them to make me so beautiful."
"Alice", Chapter 3

The Boris clones are minor characters that appear in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. As their name suggests, they are duplicate but imperfect clones of Boris the Wolf.



In terms of general appearance, the Boris clones are identical to the original Boris. Each one seen so far has been strapped to an upright operating table. Their chest has been cut into and pulled open, revealing a lack of heart and lungs while exposing their ribs. Their left overall strap is unbuckled and their eyes are X-shaped to show in a cartoonish manner that they are dead.

Unlike the actual Boris, the clones have sketchy lines around the facial area and on some parts of their overalls.


However, nothing can be said about each clones' personality due to the fact that they are entirely deceased.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Henry first encounters a Boris clone shortly after entering the abandoned studio. Upon finding the body, Henry is shocked and wonders what Joey could have been doing to cause this to happen,[1] unaware that "Alice" is actually responsible for the clone's death along with others, as their innards are used to make herself gorgeous again.[2][3]

Once the Ink Machine has been activated, going back to the room with the corpse will show the body squirting ink onto the floor from where the missing organs should be.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

After entering the flooded warehouse, multiple deceased Boris clones can be seen along with with the corpses of Piper, Fisher, and Striker. "Alice" claims that she was the one responsible for their deaths, saying she needed them to make herself beautiful again. The corpses are simply whatever she did not need being left behind.


  • PrototypeChapter 1 Dead Boris

    Boris' beta model from Chapter 1's prototype.

    From the earlier prototype of Chapter 1, the Boris clone's model was originally far different from the final version. The old model is slightly taller and with a noticeable lack of detail in the face. It has no overalls or gloves, bigger shoes, an open mouth, and six symmetrical ribs. Both eyes in X-shape appear to made out of string, as if they were sewn shut. The cut into the body's torso is a Y-shaped incision, similar to an autopsy. Instead of being tied down with straps, it is fastened down with buckles.
    • When using the modeling program after rigging the model, there are two buttons located on the back of the Boris clone, as they are never seen visibly in-game.
    • This model was originally designed by theMeatly before hiring Pascal Cleroux to redesign the model.
  • From Chapter 1, the incision in the Boris clone's chest is one of the wrench's possible locations.
    • In the prototype version, the wrench is well hidden, because the incision is very large, and the wrench blends in with the clone's innards.


Description Audio
The sound of ink squirting out of the Boris Clone's incision in Chapter 1 after the ink machine is activated.
Ink squirt


  1. "Oh my god. Joey, what were you doing?" - Henry, Chapter 1
  2. "Look around. It took so many of them to make me so beautiful. Anything less than perfect was left behind. I had to do it. She made me." - "Alice", Chapter 3
  3. "Now come down and bring me back my Boris! It's the most perfect Boris I've ever seen, and I want it! I need it. I need it's insides so that I can be beautiful again!" - "Alice", Chapter 3
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