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"Oh my god. Joey, what were you doing?"
Henry upon discovering Boris' corpse from the room, Chapter 1

Boris' room is a location from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is the room where the corpse of one of the Boris' clones is located, tied to an operation table.


Boris' room is a large room with a surgical table, with the dead body of one of Boris' clones strapped down on it. Behind the table is a large stain of what appears to be ink. In front of the table there are 2 candles, and on the right wall there is a message written in ink that says "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?", there is also a chair on the right side of the room.

On the left side there is a closet with a small puddle of ink from the side.


It is one of the several rooms in the workshop that Henry is able to explore. A few of the items appear here, each being randomly placed upon booting up the game.

The room containing TheMeatly's easter egg can be found here, only accessible after activating the Ink Machine to complete the puzzle.

A Wrench can be found inside of the Boris clone's incision.


  • This room is a setting for the noncanonical animated "The Original Sample" short by TimetheHobo.
  • The ink splat near from the cabinet in earlier updates before Chapter 3 is much smaller.
  • Before the Chapter 4 update, more than just the wrench can be found in this room:
    • The Inkwell can be found on the floor to the right-hand side of a cabinet.
    • The Book can be found just behind the Boris clone' left foot.


Boris' Room

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