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The book is one of the six items Henry must collect to fix the Ink Machine from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The cover of the book is black, while the pages are a lighter color. On the front cover, there is a smaller lighter rectangle and some inscriptions. Inside of this rectangle reads: The Illusion of Living: Joey Drew.


The book can be in one of four possible locations.

  • On the animation desk in the hallway to the Power Room.
  • On a chair next to the radio.
  • On the floor next to a chair by the desk, by the turning reels.
  • On the floor just behind Boris' left foot.

Book and record





  • Based on the cover, the book is written by Joey Drew.
  • The book's title is most likely a reference to "The Illusion of Life", a Disney animation book written by two long-term animators.
  • Hence the title, it is believed that the book is required to make a character come out from the Ink Machine as a living character.
    • This might also be a reason how Boris was also revived.
  • The book appears to have horns on the cover. This could be a reference to Bendy's devil horns.
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