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  • Minecraftvinnyq

    There is a page in the Miscellaneous Category called "texture files" which can be very useful in some ways and it's kinda empty with poor Boris being the only one.

    most of us(including me) doesn't really know how to view/extract/rip the files from the game (I suck at cmd navigation),

    and I believe if someone can please expand it with more textures like the "cut-out Bendy" or "Bendy" himself from either the first or second chapter.


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  • BettyTheDemon

    It used to be so active... we would just chat about random things...

    Does no one wanna talk? :'(

    Or maybe the chat room's just being a bit glitchy- again. It feels so lonely when it's empty, as I like socializing with other people in wikia communities...

    /pout pout/ I'm sad. You guys are fun to talk with (that, with the exception of the few trolls that pop up every now and again)

    Welp, that's all for now. Buh-bye!


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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello friends, it's me Ender, and I've come to tell you all some... rather depressing news...

    I'm actually going through a lot of stress in real life, it's because of somebody I know in real life, I would go further into detail, but I can't due too... stuff.

    That said, my activity may go down by a large amount, I will try to edit a page at least once a day though, so that I can keep being the helpful user I hope to be.

    So yeah, I will come back when it is all sorted out though, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it could take MONTHS to get sorted out.

    - Your friend, Ender.

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  • BettyTheDemon

    I WAS pretty upset last night...

    For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I had submitted a blog post yesterday that was kind of a rant about how  somebody had been harassing me... but that's beside the point.

    I'm still very hurt that somebody would do that to me, but emotionally I'm not feeling like crawling into a corner and crying anymore and that's what important. 

    I have given them a block, so I shouldn't be hearing from in them in a year or so... 

    I suppose part of this is MY fault, since on that wiki of mine I had forgotten to protect my user profile page leaving it an open target. Regardless, what they did was NOT OKAY. 

    The user I am referring to is Ineedabreaktattletail6. If you see them anywhere (i've seen them runnin…

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Listen, the user called ineedabreaktattletail5 followed me to my wiki for Creepypasta OCs, and he vandalized my user page BIG TIME... ;_;



    I erased all the crap they put on my page-

    putting my headers as things about d*cks and how to f*ck me... and a giant john cena at the bottom... oh believe me, that's just the tip of iceberg. I am banning them from my wiki.

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  • Ballo Meme

    Watch if you dare

    May 19, 2017 by Ballo Meme


    I did not make it

    It is sad                                                                  

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  • Eduterror123

    I Am Looking For The Old/Beta Chapter One From BATIM,I Aready Got One From CHR0MEMATIC But I Was Not Compatible With My Computer(Windows 7 32 Bits),So,If You Have It,Send It For Me Pls

    EDIT:I Want It Because I Want To Port The Models To Blender(Beta Boris  And Beta "Bendy" )

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  • Photo Negative Mickey

    Don't expect this crap to be good, it's worth a shot i guess xD

    So some people are speculating Boris to be an ally to help you get through puzzles through Chapter 3 if he appeared at the end of of Chapter 2, and looked well, not covered in ink or even looks llike a monster like Bendy does. 

    If Boris is to become an ally, and there has to be certain puzzles you have to do to co-ordinate Boris into doing certain parts he can that you can't. My guess is because on most posters you see of Boris, you see him holding some sort of musical instrument, like a clarinet or something. My guess the way of communicating with Boris is that you find his clarinet, and perhaps you play it in a certain way, or you point at something and play it to make Boris g…

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    Since I have both the beta BATIM and the updated one, I 'm willing to take any HQ screencaps for the wiki.

    And if any need to be replaced, just specify what you want me to screencap or post the original image below. I just feel like helping out. :p

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  • Bill The Smart Guy 2005

    Im gonna make a fanon wiki of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

    Here's a list of things i need help with

    1. Making a Logo

    2. Putting the same backround on the wiki

    That's it

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Yeah, just a side-by-side view of his beta and current designs... yup, the newer one has two spots on the gloves, and the head size is a bit different...  That, and his hands aren't as clenched.

    I hope I'm not the only one who actually misses Bendy having three lines on his gloves... :(
    As for the images, they are the cutout textures from the in-game files. You can find them here:


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  • Photo Negative Mickey

    I have just made a Wiki Discord chat! You know a more complex Chat instead of the one here. Here you can basically talk about theories you got and that, aswell as a great place for socializing and aswell you're always in whenever the app is closed or not so you're not missing out on anything new from anything people are talking about. 

    If you have Discord, why not come join? Share the Chat, get some people in and that! You don't have to but, you know.

    Discord Link:

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  • KingAlex105X

    Unused images.

    May 14, 2017 by KingAlex105X

    We've got 2 unused images that I have no idea where to put, but they're switches. 

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  • BettyTheDemon
    • casually plays that song while staring at this image*

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  • BettyTheDemon

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  • BettyTheDemon


    May 11, 2017 by BettyTheDemon



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  • Sketch.Value

    New Blog

    May 11, 2017 by Sketch.Value

    Should i Write Anything Here?

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  • Mazab IZW


    I am alive! I'm Mazab IZW! 

    Creator and admin of polish wiki and user english wiki :D


    In TheMeatly channel appeared ,,Trailer for Chapter 3 - Start Creation".


    I'm found in gamejolt fan-mode names of Chapter 3!

    Chapter 3: The Old Friend by beatawozniak9480

    Chapter 3: The Ink Fail... [by Mazab IZW]

    Chapter 3: Fallen Angel [by GlitchBit Games]

    Chapter 3: New Ink... [by Mazab IZW]

    Chapter 3: The New Mechanism [by Mazab IZW]


    It's time to Belive!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    The title says it all, just have a listen for yourselves!

    From the lyrics, I speculate that Sammy Lawrence is the one singing this.

    Why is there the (probably.) in the title? Because Will is debating if he SHOULD actually do this.

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  • Coooogrtcdsztzx

    I got something really cool!!!

    CHAPTER 3!!!!

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  • BettyTheDemon

    ...I kinda miss the Bendy head one...

    The glove for when you click things is adorable, but the one when you're selecting text is causing a couple of issues for me... it's huge, so it's hard to see where I'm selecting- and I keep accidentally selecting/clicking the wrong lines or letters instead. So maybe somebodyh could fix that? Like make it normal sized?

    That's the only one I have a complaint about- the others are fine.

    Is anyone else having issues with the text selector though? :O

    Is it just me?


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  • Photo Negative Mickey

    One of the Chapter 2 achievements include "Johnny's broken heart" and when playing the organ, moaning is heard, what could this possibly mean? New character in the backstory, something random, or something to do with the developers? Any thoughts?

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  • Ballo Meme

    30 years ago


    Normal Sammy:What?

    We need a friend for Ink Bendy

    Sammy: I am out

    Joey dumps ink on sammy 


    Monster Sammy: Mwahahaha, I will make an evil friend to make Ink Bendy evil.

    Makes Hollow Bendy Body


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  • Cxncerned

    Bendy Shimeji!!

    May 7, 2017 by Cxncerned

    If you need info on what shimejis are:

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  • Chesse20


    May 5, 2017 by Chesse20

    come join if u love beendy we got 50 users!! 

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  • Photo Negative Mickey

    No joke, actually ripped it out the game, rigged it, and posed it. 

    I also even extracted Bendy's model, should i do a pose for him on the wiki? And extract Boris' model? Leave your comments below!

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Joey: No Bendy. I AM YOUR FATHER.

    Bendy: NOOOOOO

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  • Ballo Meme

    This wiki Rules

    April 30, 2017 by Ballo Meme

    Hi, I like this wiki as much as i like memes. Plz support PLZ. I want this legacy to live on. If this wiki closes down, I will barely even comment or LOOK at another wiki so please support this wiki. Thank you

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  • Gamers4life

    "dreams do come true" was the last thing i said after i left the place and hoped i never would come back, and never have to see that bastard Joey ever again in my entire life. I walked down the wooden hallways, and out the door. "what the hell? he just..left..." "its ok Joey, he always does this, he will come back, even if it takes years" joey sighed, "i hope so"


    "honey, theres a letter from Joey" "ignore that filthy bitch" "honey, just read it" "fine...'

    i opened the letter, and immediently started ton regret it, anyways

    "dear henry,

    it seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together."

    that it has.

    "30 years really slips away, doesnt it?"

    i guess s- hey wait....30 years!?!

    "if youre back in town, come visit the old worksh…

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  • Chesse20

    come join the discord if u love to talk or if you love to hang out with other bendy fans we got fanart sections and a lot of active admins

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  • Superslimesoccer-fan


    April 28, 2017 by Superslimesoccer-fan

    I am superslimesoccer-fan, and im new to this wiki. Im norwegian, and i cant talk english very well.

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  • Brandy the Wolf


    April 28, 2017 by Brandy the Wolf

    Brandy the Wolf (talk) 12:43, April 28, 2017 (UTC)Brandy the Wolf

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  • 1234567891011121314151617LOLLETTER

    I'm 1234567891011121314151617LOLLETTER, But you can call me Lol Letter, I'm new here!

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys! It's me Ender with some very exciting news! I know you all want to get your hands on Plushies of The Little Devil Himself! well I have confirmation that we will be getting some!

    Take a look here: and scroll to the very bottom!

    Now this makes me wonder if we will just be getting Bendy, or more than just him.

    So what do you think? Are you angry as hell that these will be coming soon? Or are you like me, excited? Lemme know in the comments!

    ~ Ender.

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  • GrepellioShush

    So, I'm playing the updated Chapter 1 on Steam. I've got the axe, I'm smashing the planks. Then I reach the door to the pentacle room (Pentacle=English word for a pentagram in a circle, for those who don't know why I say that word so much) and chop down the three boards on that. But I still can't open the door. Am I thick? I click. but that just swings the axe. Did I not read the controls? All three boards are chopped down--they're resting at Henry's feet in pieces!

    What do I do? Am I just an eejit?

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Uh, I can explain...

    It's just that my internet connection is being mean again and pages take forever to load or just don't show up at all.

    With that going on, it's kind of hard to contribute.

    But hopefully things get better.

    Oh well. Could be worse, like not having a connection AT ALL.

    So that's I really have to say at the moment. 


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  • KingAlex105X

    Am I a good Admin?

    April 26, 2017 by KingAlex105X

    I'm really just curious as I feel neglected on the wiki, even though I have all these wonderful friends like Betty and Lewis (and Hacker, Ender, and Ink Bendy of course). And I wonder what the rest of the wiki thinks of me as I do a lot of behind the scenes work like protecting pages and whatnot.

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  • GrepellioShush

    As I'm sure we are aware by now, BatIM Chapter 2 was released and it contained a lot.

    One of the things it contained was "The Infirmary"

    In the hallway leading to Sammy's office, one can see some barrels and chairs blocking of another path, with a sign on the wall reading "Infirmary". The only things you can see from this angle are;

    1. A chair
    2. An ink puddle
    3. A flashing light behind the wall

    Now my first thought when I saw these things (I'm not lying, I took one look and this was the first thing that came to mind) was the highly controversial book followed by an equally controversial film, "A Clockwork Orange."

    In both the book and film, the "protagonist" is tied to a chair and forced to watch propaganda films to brainwash him as part of an experiment…

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  • XenoGrant

    I personally think that Joey or Sammy made the pentagrams you can find in chapter one (the one at the end) and chapter two (just go find them) and killed people, explaining the coffins, which allowed bendy to take form (presumably Joey as he supposedly created bendy, so he might show the most care towards bendy) and the searchers to take form (other workers). Now, Boris is where things get really difficult, so I will leave him out of this for now, since he was dead in the first chapter. So yeah. That was my theory thank you for reading!

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  • FrostyLemonuu

    Before we have everything started, this blog post is for me to try and put everything together.

    For now it's the end of the post, stay tuned for more and tell me about your thoughts!

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  • Corly

    An thing

    April 24, 2017 by Corly

    Hello! My friend made two wikis, an oc and au wiki.

    I dont know if we could Affiliate them with this wiki.

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  • The Great Laggi

    Hey hey hey. If you wonder how I came here I came from the monster hunter wiki a, explaining my pic of varusa now.

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  • MbKrait

    Ritual Room

    Writing Room

    I just created the pages since I saw a few other pages linked to these pages that had never existed.

    However, I don't have enough screenshots for these two pages, and they're still lackinig content.

    Could anyone here help?

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Some news

    April 23, 2017 by EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello guys, I have some positive news, I've decided to take part in the fan art contest! But... I have some problems with that.

    • I don't want to give my full name.
    • I as of right now, can only do hand drawn Fanarts, and I have no clue if that's even allowed...

    And, for you chrome book or iPad users out there, what's a good drawing program I can get for it?

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  • Imjustatwinkie

    TheMeatly is having a fanart contest for chapter 3! Just like the previous chapter, your fanart can get featured in the new chapter!

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  • KingAlex105X

    Made real by Kyle Allen!

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Their audio files aren't present yet.

    I've already got their pages and infoboxes set up, but we're missing their audio files from the game.

    What I'm saying is, it would be amazing if somebody could go through and find them so we can use them on the wiki!

    So we're counting on you guys to get them!

    Of course, please make sure the tracks are good quality, are not looped, and don't clip, glitch, etc.

    Good luck! :D


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  • Chesse20

    come join the discord

    April 21, 2017 by Chesse20

    come join the roleplays and stuff

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  • Imjustatwinkie


    April 20, 2017 by Imjustatwinkie

    Well, I'm new here I guess, so hi everyone! I'm really glad to be here! (Well, I'm a huge BATIM fan so... yeah.)

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  • BettyTheDemon

    Is that another term for chat mod on this wiki? XD

    Yeah, that's what it says next to my name now...

    It's funny, as I've sometimes imagined myself doing voice acting IRL.

    So not much more to say about that topic...

    So goodbye and um... Happy Thursday or something XD


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