• BendyBenas2020


    December 7, 2018 by BendyBenas2020

    A question is is joey bendy/ink bendy?

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  • Dragonslayer594

    which is better?

    December 6, 2018 by Dragonslayer594

    what platform is bendy best played at?




    or computer?

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  • Ap158025

    the white demon is here!

    December 5, 2018 by Ap158025



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  • SeriousNorbo

    All Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC) Sounds and Textures:

    All Bendy in Nightmare Run Sounds and Textures:

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  • SentFromAbove23

      Not a lot of people are going to agree with me on this. Except OR3O. Yeah, she does. The ending of BATIM was... lackluster to say the least. My fantasy of the ending was a big Ink Bendy Searcher, and I did get something quite a lot like that. However, the last bit with the time loop... so many plotholes! I complained about it over Instagram, but no-one really listened. :/ I'm not kidding when i say that the ending actually ha me angry enough for a small bit of time that i shouted "OH MY BENDY, MEATLY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!" and threw  my iPad to the floor, cracking it. (I've never actually been able to play the game, but I watched videos and livestreams of the different chapters and the ending.) I definitely have been accepting it mo…

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  • Gyfdrcnpi

    Any one bored now?

    November 30, 2018 by Gyfdrcnpi

    I just feel bored right now... does anyone else fell like it too?

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  • Saucymapleshade

    If you looked at the title you know what I'm going to say- chapter 5 was stupendously flat and a bad ending to a great build-up and multiple theories- in my opinion, it was rushed, and I'm still salty about it. So instead, I'll put out a credible theory.

    This is not just another "if the ending wasn't real this would be true", it's based off the actual ending. Buckle up, beleivers.

    We see at the end this glorious game was ended like a book- literally. Joey Drew, the devil himself, was telling this story, titled "Bendy and the Ink Machine" to his "neice"- an unknown girl exitedly asking for another. Interesting considering Joey's always had trouble coming up with his own content.  It's been speculated this "neice" is Henry's daughter though th…

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  • Saucymapleshade

    I just think it's adorable to have this buff noodle of a dude blabbering about sheep, upset because Bendy didn't want to be his new dad and Wally stole his cake is now out for blood- but I noticed something in his boss battle music.

    There's a bit at about 32-3 seconds in where a banjo cuts in.

    It still gets me that they interrupted an important battle with happy banjo time and it's even funnier when you find out the banjo is Sammy's favorite instrument. Did he write out his own boss battle music, and then the Lost Ones boarded him up in a timeout corner for being too edgy? Speaking of- how long was he waiting behind those boards before Henry came up to him?

    1. The Lost Ones put him in timeout to repent for his sins

    2. He waited for days for He…

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  • Tarun Baskaran

    BATIM on Console

    November 26, 2018 by Tarun Baskaran

    I have a question. Which version of BATIM is the best one? I want to know what version of BATIM people like the most. Is it the:

    Playstation 4 version

    Xbox One version

    Nintendo Switch version

    Thanks in advance for answering this question.

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  • Sammyl511

    why i joined

    November 26, 2018 by Sammyl511

    well im a big fan of batim.its a fun game and i LOVE lore lore makes any good game better my friends and I we did a lot of finding and i was looking for people like me and i found u guy so i joined i will blog more mr.sheepysheep out

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  • TheRogue12

    I'm Thinking...

    November 19, 2018 by TheRogue12


    I might make an OC of myself in an ink form so I can add it on my profile. Is it okay if I do that?

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    What's going on

    November 16, 2018 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hey. This latest highlighted blog has nothing to do with the announcement on the Wiki's future updates but some quite noticeable issue in the BATIM/Bendy Wiki I need to point out, and some of you may notice it too.

    I bewilderingly don't understand this. Few days ago and today onward, every time when the pages were edited, the last categories at the end of every pages slowly breaks and we have to quickly restore them. Was it the Wikia itself that's causing the glitch or is it just the result when using the visual edit mode instead of source?

    Feel free to leave comments here for further discussion concerning this category-breaking bug.

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  • Doodle-Chan626

    Okay, so, this theory has been floating about in my head and I thought I'd share.

    This theory is a jab at the timeframe of BATIM, my guess is that it takes place around 1959 or at the most, 1960. Why? heres my explanation.

    Bendy and the ink machine has a diverse amount of tech. the audio recorders, the projectors, and not to mention the Ink Machine itself. So, I dug around and I found on the official Joey Drew Studios YouTube channel the date "1929" so, that was my starting point.

    Projectors were made back in 1892 and audio recorders were made in 1909. so that checks out. and the ink machine is exclusive to BATIM, so that factor plays no part. the first official Mickey Mouse cartoon came out in 1928, because I decided to go with a character r…

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Hey again.. You all don't seem to be satisfied with the latest new theme style I customized last midnight, and I fully understand. So... today I spend over hours photoshopping and editing with the Wiki's custom themes and can't make my mind up as I don't know which really fits for the Wiki's latest looks, getting myself so frustrated due to my level of stress. And finally... I chose the right fitting colors, the "old photo" color schemes, based on Henry's filtered vision that happened after exiting the secret ink tunnel in Chapter 1. (These few screenshots with color schemes I'm talking about, tweeted by the gamer TZKU who found this discovery)

    Hope this new look appeals to you all... Later on, I'll modify the colors on the templates and the…

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  • Cyanitup443

    Sammy Fangirls

    November 10, 2018 by Cyanitup443

    Hello, everybody! I'm CyanItUp443! And today, I wanna know... 


    C'mon! I can't be the only Sammy Lawrence fangirl! Right... RIGHT!!?

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Hey, everyone! Time for another announcement.

    The Bendy franchise is still slowly rising, and we got only 11 more days remain before the release of the BATIM consoles. While the Kindly Beast team is working on the non-Bendy project "Project-99", you may already know that theMeatly stated one and a half month ago that Chapter 5 is not the end of Bendy (the franchise itself), so the Bendy and the Ink Machine game is finished. It is only up to Kindly Beast's hosted team Joey Drew Studios Inc. to make the next Bendy project in the future. Why the series itself called Bendy not Bendy and the Ink Machine? According to Joey Drew Studio Inc.'s website, there's a trademark icon after Bendy's name in both Bendy and the Ink Machine and Bendy in Nightmare Run titles, lik…

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  • SkeletonGuyYT


    November 6, 2018 by SkeletonGuyYT

    I found him

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  • Bendyinklord757

    My opinion on chapter 5's ending is that the ending in my case, Horrible. It made no sense whatsoever, and it was stupid all the way down. Also, no questions were answered and im pretty sure that TheMeatly just slapped some last minute stuff together just to finish the chapter in time. I know TheMeatly can do better. I mean, look at how much effort he put into chapter 3! 

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  • LPS Doggy Productions


    November 5, 2018 by LPS Doggy Productions
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  • Dockins21

    8. The Projectionist’s Pilot

    As you start collect things for “Alice”, you start to get bored. Collecting different things about six different times is tedious.

    Then you see a walking, projector-headed freak from behind a window, and you’re suddenly interested again!

    Keep in mind; you've never seen that thing, or anything else like it before! You wanna know who/what if is, and where it came from! The tense build-up music that plays during his reveal just adds to the eeriness.

    7. Sammy’s Last High Note

    After your battle with Sammy, he will grab you. If you look closely, you can see the anger in his face, almost completely hidden by the ink! He will then throw you to the ground, and is about to split you in-half…

    until he is cleaved in the side of …

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  • TheRogue12


    November 4, 2018 by TheRogue12

    Well, since I'm new here, I don't know much about this wiki really, so I  was just wondering- why doesn't this wiki have a live chat?

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  • TheRogue12


    November 2, 2018 by TheRogue12


    I'm so happy to be here! :D

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  • Hua Ja Frol


    October 29, 2018 by Hua Ja Frol

    it's back.... the cartoons I made..... remember?

    Welcome back, partner. There is more.

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  • Yellowmoshi

    Character Appearances

    October 28, 2018 by Yellowmoshi

    Since Chapter 5 has happened and this game and its characters may be gone (Although he said there will be more im expecting a gauntlet mode or boooks) Who did you want to see get more depth and screen time.

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  • FCMakes

    Hey guys!

    I have all the files for bendy chapter 5 

    Should i post them?

    This includes Textures, Meshes, Audio, Animation Models and other stuff

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  • SphinxandLynx

    I've always wondered about this topic: is Ink Bendy a sentient being? Sadly, the answer is no. Most theory channels on YouTube say he was Joey Drew, while others suggest the fact that Bendy is Wally Franks.  None are correct, as we have found out in Chapter Five.  When Bendy seemingly dies, he just evaporates.  If there was a person underneath, it would've shown that person in Ink Bendy's place. Sorry, Joey Drew/Wally Franks is Bendy believers.

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Good evening (morning or afternoon depending where you live), everybody. As you know, CH5 came out yesterday and I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm so proudly appreciated that the communities (the BATIM Wiki here, BATIM Reddit, etc) are currently growing bigger along with the BATIM Wiki itself with more extended amount of content and pages still ongoing. Hopefully the actively said communities will expand big time when the BATIM console ports are released in world wide.

    Way back a year ago where Bendy and the Ink Machine started and release the first chapter on February 10, 2017, I haven't heard about the game's existence until 5 days later... and I found it. For the overall looks of this game related to vintage cartoons, I had an enjoyable memory w…

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  • AlexAnimations0421

    Lets explain the rules. There will be 1 death each episode ending with a poll. You have to vote on who lives. Whoever gets the least votes, dies. This will continue until 1 is left.







    Sammy Lawrence

    Joey Drew



    Everybody is waiting for the horn to sound.

    3, 2,


    Tom teams with Alison

    Tom:Hey Alison, should we team?

    Alison:Yeah, OK.

    In the Toy Factory,

    Henry is scavenging for weapons with Bendy.

    Bendy:Oh, A Lead Pipe.

    Henry:Give it to me.

    Alice:Ill take it (grabs pipe)

    Henry trips on the wire, and Bendy trios into a pile of toys. Trying to get out he calls for help. Nobody comes.

    Alice:Oh goody! First blood!

    Who to kill?


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  • Septiplier Fan02

    BATIM chapter 5 is soul crushing. Not because it's sad or anything, but because it's all over.  I always wanted to play BATIM, but i know my mom will not let me buy it. But Beast bendy freaking look awesome. Favorite character.

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  • Duke219

    **CHAPTER 5 SPOILERS**      ** CHAPTER 5 SPOILIERS**     In chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, a lot of things were left un answered and here are questions that I, and many others still have:

    1) Why did Bendy  not turn into a beast whenever he got close to Henry in chapters 1-4? 

    2) Was it clear what exctly happened to Bendy after he "died"? 

    3) Why was Sammy Lawrence talking to Henry like he was Bendy?

    4) What happended to Allison Angel, Tom, and all the Lost Ones after Bendy had "died"?

    5)  How did all of the recordings even get there?

    6)  Could the Lost Ones be the others from the Studio?   (Shawn Flynn, Wally Franks, ect.)

    7) Is Henry in a Loop Hole, or in a dream that never ends?

    8) Could there be more secret messages in the previous cha…

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  • MobyDick123

    Henry Stein and Joey Drew. Susie Campbell and Allison Pendle. Beginnings and endings. Creation and destruction.

    Opposites become increasingly important throughout Bendy and the Ink Machine, and are in no place more significant than during the stunning conclusion: Chapter Five - The Last Reel. It was evident as soon as Henry appeared in an apartment rendered in the colour spectrum of the ‘real world’, rather than the sickly claustrophobic yellow tint inside Joey Drew Studios, that we were going to get an ending no-one could have predicted.

    Having reflected on the game and all it’s loaded dialogue that tiptoes round the edges of greater meanings, and subtle visual cues that connect the blurry dots across chapters, it strikes me that one particu…

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  • SeriousNorbo

    I'm going to write all interesting stuff which i found in game files:

    That tool which Allison gave us is "Seeing Tool".

    there's white drawing of a moustache (Propably can be found somewhere in-game with Seeing Tool).

    There's a full rig of Chester from BINR.

    That thing which chased Henry in a boat is simply "Giant Bendy hand"

    The meatly easter egg is somewhere in the Administration (his room is in "Administration" folder)

    In the ending room there are letters from Allison and Wally, they're mentioned as "Extra Props" so maybe they're a hidden easter eggs?

    Theres an invisible white door outline somewhere in CH4 which can be seen with Seeing Tool.

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  • Roxy260

    it's time

    October 26, 2018 by Roxy260

    the final chapter is almost here, if your looking at this on 25th then one more day but if your reading this in 26th then it's time to fight the ink demon, at around day

    we shall see.. what the ink demon holds.....

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  • DeathNoteQueen

    New kid!

    October 25, 2018 by DeathNoteQueen

    Hey guys I’m New here! Can one of you guys help me?

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  • PinkStarGaming


    October 25, 2018 by PinkStarGaming

    Tomorrow will be the last chapter of bendy and the ink machine. I can't wait to see if Henry makes it out alive or what he looks like.  I also don't want it to end because the game is so creative and fantastic. When I had depression for a year, I forgot about the game. But when everything was okay, I went on the computer to listen to some songs made for batim. Speaking of songs, Lauren Synger will be working on her masterpiece. I actually talked to her on Twitter, and she is such a nice woman. Her voice for Alice Angel is perfect and amazing. 

    I will miss batim so much. 

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  • Hua Ja Frol

    One day remains....

    October 25, 2018 by Hua Ja Frol

    Ok guys, it's down to 1 day. Tommorrow,  Bendy holds close your way out....

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  • Dockins21

    After so long...

    October 24, 2018 by Dockins21

    "I can't describe how excited I am for what's going to happen later this week. In fact, I'll let Sammy do the talking. What's gonna happen, Sammy?" Sammy:

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  • Dockins21

    In two days...

    October 24, 2018 by Dockins21

    In two days, our prayers will be answered!

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  • Dockins21

    Our story begins in The Lost One’s Village, with many residents speaking to each other.

    • Lost One #1 comes up to Lost One #2’s shotty shack.*

    Lost One #1: “H-Hey, Eric."

    Lost One #2: “Hey, Carson.”

    Lost One #1: “Guess what I did today.”

    Lost One #2: *long sigh* “What did you do, Carson?”

    Lost One #1: I-I made some more ink scrawlings! Come look!”

    • Both Lost Ones look at three violated sections of picket fence, reading “WHAT AM I?”, “DOWN HERE WE’RE ALL SINNERS” and “THE CREATOR LIED TO US.” respectively.

    Lost One #2: “... Carson, why?”

    Lost One #1: “It helps to pass the time. Especially when yo-”

    • In the distance, a Lost One chanting “When do we go home?” walks towards them*

    Lost One #2: “Oh God, it's Dave!”

    Lost One #Dave: “NO! I don't want him to find …

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  • The Game Theroist

    The final 6

    October 20, 2018 by The Game Theroist

    Six days remain, and everyones wondering whats next. Reply if your ready.... or not, for the ink demon

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Counting down to 6...

    October 20, 2018 by GJ-Lewis X

    Hello again for another announcement. Only six days remain until the big upcoming day of October 26th. The wait is far long enough, so I'm announcing that I'm counting the huge updates down to over 6 from October 20 to 26 before CH5 releases, starting today. Be prepared!

    Here's a countdown list for the BATIM Wiki's latest update changes.

    • October 20th: Fonts / Welcome intro message with slideshow for main page
    • October 21th: Navboxes / Content index change for main page
    • October 22th: Infoboxes / Background templates for main page
    • October 23th: Notice page templates / Text titles for main page
    • October 24th: Color theme layout and background / Some other tweaks for main page
    • October 25th: Wordmark and both headers (navigation and community) / Poll change fo…
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  • Dockins21

    Our story begins with Grant Cohen sitting at his desk, trying to calculate Bendy Land's finances. He is visibly upset, as the taxes placed before him are incalculable. Suddenly, he hears a voice over the speaker in his office.


    Grant Cohen: *long inhale* "Oh, good god, is it gonna be a long walk."

    After reaching Joey's office, Grant enters and makes himself comfortable, which is difficult when you only have a stool.

    Joey Drew: "Alright, how much are we looking at here?"

    Grant Cohen: "Its been difficult, and I still don't think my calculations are accurate at all, but we seem to need about $29,283,962."

    Joey Drew: "Damnit. I TOLD MYSELF I WOULDN'T NEED MUCH! *slams head into shelf*

    Grant C…

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  • TheSecondGemini

    So... everyone's seen what Bendy, Alice, Boris, and the Butcher Gang look like. But how would you guys describe the human characters in Bendy and the Ink Machine, like Henry or Joey? Tell me in the comments below. (Also, yes, I know I could go to Google Images and look up drawings of the characters, but I'm interested in hearing how you guys picture them.)

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  • Multiversegoddess


    October 11, 2018 by Multiversegoddess

    hi there! I'm Liziy,Liziy the demon! please replie or folow me. hears what I look like.

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  • A Little Fan 0f Everything

    Toon’d!''': The Adventures of Hailee and Edgar

    (Note: I do not own Edgar, Bendy, or any of the BATIM characters; they belong to Joey Drew Studios Inc. I do own Hailee Grey and any of her friends.)

    It was a day like any other in the toonish world of Bendy and Co. The white sun shone above the black-and-white landscape, illuminating peaceful fields, breezy meadows....and a certain devil outrunning some VERY angry criminals.


    It was a wild chase, with Bendy running frantically over hills and through rivers as fast as his knee-less legs could carry him. His chasers, hot on his trail, were none other than the infamous Butcher Gang, who currently looked like they wanted to tear the little devil into tiny demonic shreds; their eyes were bulging wit…

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  • FCMakes

    All BATIM Files

    October 10, 2018 by FCMakes

    Here are all of the files of BATIM Version 1.4:

    This includes the Meshes, Textures, Audio, Shaders, Fonts and Text Assets. Extracted using Unity Studio.

    I'll upload all the files of the new chapter as soon as it realeses

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  • TheVeryInkyBendy
    This is a random poll created by TheVeryInkyBendy
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  • Maria.exe

    Hello there

    October 8, 2018 by Maria.exe

    Well I am here to say hi to everyone on this fandom. I will be seeing you in the next blog post....

    Inky Rose

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  • Dockins21

    "Somethin' Stupid"

    October 2, 2018 by Dockins21

    We find our crazy, masked lunatic: Sammy, worshiping a Bendy Poster in his Sandtuary. However, he is doing so rather loudly. So loudly in fact, that the glass pane in his office window has broken, while the Recording Booth glass miraculously stays intact.

    Sammy: "Oh, my lord! Your delacite horn is the sword that will shatter these walls, setting all of my comrades free. Your bo-"

    The Projectionist: "SAMMY! Keep it down, would ya? Some of us need to rest. That axe, weilding idiot might return any minute now, and we need to be ready!"

    Sammy Lawrence: "Norman, I'm busy. You've just upset out lord! Get Grant to do that."

    The Projectionist: "I would, but Grant's trapped seven floor below us, because you destroyed the elevator!"

    Sammy Lawrence: "Oh!…

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    BATIM Wiki rule update

    September 30, 2018 by GJ-Lewis X

    Good evening (morning or afternoon depending where you lived). After like four hours while updating, I generally update the BATIM Wiki's rules and guidelines for massive organization and improvement. So go check the rule's latest update out! We'll be also updating the editing rule step about subtitle language in screenshots once the language option is added for CH5's release.

    PS, when the date hits October 26 before CH5 comes out, I'll even update the BATIM Wiki's overall theme layouts. I changed my mind; the upcoming update for the BATIM Wiki will be as huge. Also once the fifth chapter came out, I'll go offline when starting to play the game, then I'll be back online to release other updates for the Wiki.

    Thanks for participating this late…

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