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Bendy in Nightmare Run, also known as Nightmare Run for short, is the upcoming mobile spin-off for the Bendy and the Ink Machine series, and will be released on mobile devices for free on Google Play and the App Store around early August 2018. It was developed by Karman LTD with the collaboration of theMeatly Games.


Where there’s Bendy, there's always trouble brewing! Dash through lost cartoons recently discovered in the dark vaults of Joey Drew Studios. You'll battle all-new monsters while collecting Bacon Soup and other vintage goodies in this dashing, running, scrambling adventure. The chase is on!


The gameplay itself is similar to other mobile games like Temple Run. The game features the titular character Bendy, whom the player plays as. The game includes four playable levels, four boss cartoon monsters, collectible Bacon Soup cans and other goodies, score ratings, and possible future updates.


  • Before its official release, theMeatly sent a pre-alpha version of this game to Youtubers like Mairusu, FusionZGamer, Razzbowski, Core, etc.
  • From each "episode" level buttons, there is a text that reads "Written and directed by Joey Drew" meaning that these levels are based on some of the many cartoons for Bendy's animated show.



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