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The Bendy show is a fictional rubber hose cartoon show set somewhere in 1900's of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was initially created by Joey Drew, Henry, and several other employees of the studios. The show was presented in its film process Sillyvision,[1] and as seen from numerous posters and three animated shorts, the show contains at least thirteen episodes so far.

Furthermore, the show consists of several known characters so far - The main devil character Bendy, Boris the Wolf, Alice Angel, the Butcher Gang members (Barley, Charley, and Edgar), a skeleton character, and a snowman. According to Susie Campbell, there are other characters that were not seen, including "talking chairs" and "dancing chickens".[2]

Known episodes

Title Poster/title card
Tombstone Picnic
Haunted Hijinx
Snow Sillies
Bendy nvidad show
Little Devil Darlin'
Batim devil darling
The Dancing Demon
Sheep Songs!
Train Trouble
Sent From Above
Alice angel poster
Go to Hell in a Hand Basket
Siren Serenade
Hell's Kitchen
Hell Firefighter
The Butcher Gang


  • A piece of soundtrack "Little Devil Darling" is named after one of the episodes.
  • The episode's name "Train Trouble" is a reference to "Trolley Troubles", the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.
    • Additionally, this is one of the winning pieces fan art from Chapter 1's success.
    • Furthermore, the episode is considered canon.
  • The "Train Trouble" episode features Bendy conducting a train, but his hand is mysteriously covering up a smudged number on the side of the train, which reads 666, which is a number associated with the devil, also known as "The Number of the Beast".
  • The episode "Tombstone Picnic" seems to be based off two Mickey Mouse shorts, "The Picnic" and "Orphan's Picnic". It may be also based on Felix the Cat short "April Maze"
  • The episode "Hell Firefighter​" is most likely based off two Mickey Mouse shorts, "Mickey's Fire Brigade" and "The Fire Fighters".
    • Additionally, this is one of the winning pieces fan art from Chapter 2's success.
  • "Hell's Kitchen" is a reference to a TV show of the same name.



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  2. "These past few weeks I have voiced everything from talking chairs to dancing chickens. But this is the first character I have really felt a connection with. Like she's as a part of me." - Susie Campbell, Chapter 2
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