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The Basement is a location from Chapter 1 of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The basement consists of several stairways.


After falling though the trap door at the end of the Chapter 1, Henry ends up here. The axe is located in this room, as it can be used to break all the boards blocking the pathway to the Pentagram Room. Once Henry arrives at the door that leads into the pentagram room, after breaking the boards on the door and opeNing it, Henry can no longer go back to the basement room, because strangely enough, the hallway has seemed to have caved in. It is also easy to notice this in chapter 2.

Chapter 1
BasementBoris' RoomHenry's DeskroomInk Machine RoomPentagram RoomPower RoomProjector RoomSecret Staircase RoomSmall RoomsWorkroom
Chapter 2
AudienceInfirmaryInky HallMusic Department HallMusic Writing RoomOrchestra RoomOrgan RoomProjection BoothRitual RoomS3 VaultSammy's OfficeSammy's SanctuaryStairsUtility Shaft 9Wally's Closet
Chapter 3
Coming soon...
Joey Drew StudiostheMeatly Room

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