The basement is a location from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The first room consists of the locked door blocked by a number of chairs and a dresser. There is a shelf containing Thomas' audio log and a can of Bacon Soup.

The basement consists of at least three long stairways, leading to the lower level of Joey Drew Studios.

The first floor consists of a light bulb from above, which flickers rapidly and inconsistently.

The second floor contains two pipes each sporting a valve.

The third floor, yet again, consists of a flickering light-bulb.

After the last set of stairs, the final room consists of some barrels and the "THE CREATOR LIED TO US" message written in ink. The hallway leading to the pentagram room after this last room is blocked by numerous boards.


After falling through the trap door at the end of Chapter 1, Henry ends up here. In order to drain the flood of ink, Henry has to activate one valve to the other. Afterwards, both stairways are cleared and allows Henry to walk downstairs to reach the end.

The axe is located at the end of this room, as it can be used to break all the boards blocking the pathway to the pentagram room. Once Henry arrives at the door that leads into the pentagram room, after breaking the boards on the door and opening it, Henry can no longer go back to the basement room, because strangely enough, the hallway has seemed to have caved in with boards and barrels. It is also easy to notice this in Chapter 2 for using it to getting out of Pentagram Room.


  • From the prototype version, Henry falls into the basement's last room, with the stairs and the upper room not planned to be added yet.
    • From the first remastered update where it introduce multiple stairs for the basement, the whole basement is not filled up with ink and both valves cannot be activated.
    • From both prototype and the first remastered update, Thomas Connor's audio log was not planned to be featured.





Description Audio
Basement ambient #1.
AMB Basement 01
Basement ambient #2.
AMB Basement Closing Scene 01
The "Sketches" track used for the basement.
Music sketches
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