The barge is a transportation used in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is used in the Ink River to traverse the area.


The barge is made up of plywood, barrels and stage lights. The control panel is made up of toggle/handle switches for the throttle and startup. At the back of the barge is a paddle-wheel, which needs to be cleaned often when it gets clogged with Thick Ink.


Upon reaching the harbor, Allison and Tom can be seen in the distance driving away in the barge, to follow them, Henry must drop the second barge into ink and enter it.

To activate the barge, Henry must press the button before riding. Afterwards, hold down on the throttle to move through the tunnels of the river.

Later on it's paddle wheel will start getting stuck with Thick Ink, forcing Henry to smack the ink away with the Gent Pipe, while the Giant Hand will appear and drag Allison and Tom's empty barge under the ink, after which it'll start following Henry's barge.

Henry must unclog the paddle wheel and swim away,if he doesn't manage to escape in time, the Giant Hand will catch the barge and drag it under the ink, instantly killing Henry.