The ballroom is the second part of the Haunted House and the final location in Chapter 4 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


It's a circular room with a chandelier, creepy paintings, some Bacon Soup, barrels, flashlights, toolboxes and sandbags. There is an Ink Maker that can create cups, gears, Gent pipes, plungers, and bones.


When riding through the Haunted House, Henry will eventually reach the ballroom and simply drive around it. However, shortly after leaving it, Henry will go into a dark room, where Brute Boris will grab the cart and throw it onto a wall, and then the boss fight will start. Brute Boris can easily pass through most of the objects in the room, destroying them. Carts will also occasionally pass through the ballroom, which Brute Boris will throw at Henry.

After the fight with Brute Boris, he will fall to the floor and dissolve into the ink. Physical Alice will emerge, running out of the gate, screeching angrily, and waving her arms erratically as she does so. Just before she reaches Henry, she gets quickly impaled by Allison Angel using the sword. Henry will look at the fallen angel and then at Allison to see that Tom is next to her as the chapter ends.


  • As the Haunted House influencing the Haunted Mansion from Disney parks, the ballroom may also resemble the Haunted Mansion's Grand Hall.
  • According to theMeatly on Twitter, making the paintings for the ballroom was one of his favorite things to work on during Chapter 4's production.[1]





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