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Bacon Soup, also known as Briar Label Bacon Soup, is a collectible item from Chapter 1 briefly and majorly in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Cans of Bacon Soup were scattered everywhere throughout Chapter 2. Pressing E on a can of Bacon Soup will make Henry consume it.


  • Bacon Soup could be a reference to theMeatly's favorite food - bacon.
  • Interestingly, it is actually based on the real-life soup of the same name.
  • Each can costs 5 cents.
  • Eating all of the Bacon Soup cans will unlock the "Canadian Bacon" achievement.
    • The achievement's name could be a reference to the fact that Mike Mood lives in Canada.
  • The back of the can reads "Just the way the little devil likes it".
    • This may mean that Joey Drew Studios uses Bendy to encourage people to buy the soup, as some companies use cartoon characters to encourage people to buy products in real-life.
  • There is also another description that reads "Eat with fork", requiring to eat the soup out of the can with fork. Henry, however, is assumed to drink the soup like a soda can as he doesn't have a fork with him at all.
  • According to theMeatly on Twitter, he said that Bacon Soup doesn't just taste good but is also good for everyone's souls.[1]
    • Also, he describes the Bacon Soup: "It's good for the body and soul.".[2]



  1. ""Briar Label Bacon Soup"... not only tastes good.. but it is also good for the soul. ;)" - theMeatly, Twitter
  2. "Briar Label Bacon Soup: "It's good for the body and soul."" - theMeatly, Twitter
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