The background characters are unseen cartoon characters from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, consisting of only "talking chairs" and "dancing chickens" so far.

The characters appear in some of Bendy's series of cartoons made by Joey Drew Studios thirty years before the events of the game. Both were voiced by their voice actress Susie Campbell.



It is technically unknown how each character is entirely described, but as suggested by their own names respectively by Susie, the "talking chairs" are actually speaking anthropomorphic chairs while the "dancing chickens" are just anthropomorphic cartoon chickens that dance.


Nothing much can be said about each personality of the characters due to complete lack of physical appearance or even in posters.


Chapter 2: The Old Song

According to Susie Campbell from her first audio log next to the recording booth from the recording studio, she mentions that she voiced many background characters for the Bendy cartoons including from "talking chairs" to "dancing chickens" few weeks ago before voicing Alice Angel.[1]


  1. "These past few weeks I have voiced everything from talking chairs to dancing chickens. But this is the first character I really felt a connection with. Like she's a part of me." - Susie Campbell, Chapter 2
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