This will definitely come in handy.
— Henry, Chapter 1

The Axe is an obtainable item in Bendy and the Ink Machine, appearing in Chapter 1 and 2.


It appears to be based on the firefighter's axe with its handle colored in black.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

It is found in the room located in the building's lower level, after Henry falls through wooden planks while attempting to escape the flooding workshop. While in the update for chapter one it can be obtained after walking down some service tunnels and come to a area with the axe to clear the way.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

It is found in the starting room, where the game left off at the end of Chapter 1, its primary use in this chapter is to fight the Searchers, as well as breaking boards, and breaks towards the end of the chapter, just before the player encounters "Bendy", though it reappears in the final cutscene after the credits.


Clicking the left mouse button swings the axe, and it is used for chopping down wooden boards. Henry is required to chop down the boards that block the way to the pentagram room to complete Chapter 1.

The axe reappears in Chapter 2, and for the most part it serves the same purpose it did in the first chapter: chopping down boards. However, it is also used for fighting the Searchers.


  • This is the first item Henry can use in more than one chapter.
  • The axe seemingly breaks near the end of Chapter 2.
    • However, it is seen again after the credits near Sammy's mask, a puddle of ink which is Sammy's body, and a Bendy cutout.
      • Though this may just be Sammy's own axe.
    • It's also currently unknown as to whether Sammy knocked out Henry with an axe handle or just his own bare hand.
  • If the axe is used to destroy a Bendy cutout that is in front of a pentagram, it will immediately "reform" after the player turns around.


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