The art department is a location from Chapter 1 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The room consists of multiple desks, a bathroom blocked at the left side of the room and a little staircase leading to the room.


According to Henry, the room wasn't in there after he left the studio, meaning that Joey Drew had to hire more animators to replace Henry. He needs to enter this room to obtain the Inkwell, that randomly spawn here.


  • Strangely, the bathroom is boarded from the inside.
  • The desk in the corner has a picture of Bendy that changes if the player looks away for a few seconds. An audio queue will play when the picture changes.
    • There a total of 10 different pictures. The 10th one is very rare, and hard to catch.
  • In the update for Chapter 2 and 3's release, the room was blocked, and there was just a little staircase in there.
    • Henry commenting on the fact that this room wasn't here before is actually a reference to the room absence in the previous update.
    • In the prototype version where the Art Department was not added yet. Instead, it was just a locked door.


Art Department


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