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"When I walked into the recording booth today. Sammy was there with that... Allison."
Susie's second audio log, Chapter 3

Allison Pendle is a voice actress and mentioned character from Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. She replaced Susie Campbell as the new voice actress for Alice Angel.


Allison does not appear in either voice or as a presence, meaning there is little evidence of her personality.


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Her voice can first be heard as Alice Angel during the song "I'm Alice Angel" in the Alice's Room.

Allison is only mentioned in Susie's audio log from the "angel path" room. Susie says that she was not informed that she was no longer voicing Alice and only found out when she arrived at the recording booth to see Sammy Lawrence talking with her replacement. The event horrified Susie, causing her to become desperate for a way to fix things.


  • Allison Pendle's name may be a reference to Alizon Device, one of the witches from the Pendle Witch Trial that happened around Pendle, Lancashire, England in 1612.
  • Allison, along with Linda, are the only known human characters to never have their own audio log as of Chapter 4's release.
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