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Alice's room is a location from Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It is a room dedicated to Alice Angel and located after the toy machine room.


The room contains several televisions, a camera stand, some wooden crates, and two barrels blocking the entrance to the choosing paths. Several posters of the "Sent From Above" and "Siren Serenade" cartoon can be seen printed on few walls.

There are one windowed booth from each sides - From the left side include Alice's cutout, and from the right contains a shelf filled with Alice's plush toys.

From the middle booth where the entrance to Alice's dressing room is located, there is a rectangular-shaped window screen with the sign from above reads "SHE'S QUITE A GAL!". Inside this booth contain cardboard-made pedestals and clouds, and a door printed with a halo-wearing star and Alice's name.


Going through the door after fixing the toy machine will allow Henry to access Alice Angel's room. Walking closer will cause the lights to turn off and prevents Henry from turning back. All televisions will turn on to show Alice in all screens with the "I'm Alice Angel" song advertising Alice plays.

After about 30 seconds, a light will turn on, illuminating a dressing room door behind a large window from the center booth. "Alice" will suddenly appear there, screaming "I'M ALICE ANGEL!" before breaking the window, and will cause a jumpscare if Henry stands too close to the middle booth.

After "Alice's" voice talking to Henry, the light will come back on. Alice's cutout and almost all of the plush toys are gone. The two wooden barrels that blocked the other door are moved out of the way, along with the gate completely open for Henry to go for the hall leading two choosing paths - the "demon" path from the left and the "angel" path from the right.

This is also the room where "Bendy" dwells, along with almost every locations.


Alice's Room


Description Audio
The angelic ambiance that plays after "Alice" jumpscares Henry.
MUS CH3 angelicambience
MUS CH3 angelicambience2


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